A large lawn in front of a house

Making The Most Of The Storage Space In Your Plastic Shed

November 9, 2016

Just the way you like your home to be functional and attractive, your plastic shed can be both aesthetically beautiful and organised. Chances are, you already spend a portion of time de-cluttering your home, so why not take some time to get your garden clutter under control?

Follow these tips to organise your plastic shed

Plastic Shed: How To Make The Most Of The Storage Space
A large lawn in front of a house

1. Throw Out What You Don’t Need

Start off by throwing out things you don’t need, things that are broken, and things that are expired. Once you have an idea of what’s left, you have a variety of options for getting that clutter off the floor and into a better space-saving space.

2. Pick Up the Clutter

Unlike arranging your home, there’s a lot less space to work within your shed. Instead of covering the floor or filling up your workbench, there are tons of options to help keep the clutter off the floor. So, look to the walls for additional storage space such as:

  • Hanging space – You can use pegs, hooks, pegboard, magnetic strips, and broom clips to hang up tools.
  • Broom clips – These are great for not only brooms but also for hanging rakes, shovels, and a range of other gardening tools.
  • Magnetic strips – These are useful for quick storage of items you need to grab on the go such as trowels, hand tools, and shears.
  • ShelvingInstalling shelves is a great way to bring even more order to your shed. Smaller shelves are ideal for use with a pegboard and you can reconfigure them as needed. For sturdier shelving, use wrap-around shelves for things like mulch bags, planters, and fertilizer bags.

3. Repurpose Your Old Furniture

If you have an old wardrobe or dresser that’s just taking up space in the garage, why not repurpose it in your shed? Use it to store tools, seeds, and any other items. Tables can also be upcycled as a workbench and old Rolodexes or card catalogues can be used to organize smaller items and seeds. Take a look at the range of plastic sheds at http://whatshed.co.uk/plastic-sheds/ for ideas.

4. Plan Seasonal Work

Organize your shed while you plan for seasonal garden work. Try adding a whiteboard or chalkboard in your shed and draw up a calendar with seasonal notes and dates to keep your gardening schedule on track. You can then organize your seeds according to the months using an organizer with compartments or a tackle box. You could also store items that won’t be used every season and keep the more timely supplies to the front. Unseasonable items can be kept in accessible but less conspicuous places, in the far corner or in storage in the shed.

5. Creating a Workspace that Works

Finally, if you use your plastic shed for more than just storing items, you’ll want to maintain an open workspace with little clutter. If you have installed a workbench, be sure to prioritize the area according to common use and try to store supplies and tools below or above the workbench only. Wall storage will come in handy here, too, as will magnetic strips and hooks on the sides of your bench. If you have shelving below the bench, you could add sliding surfaces for even easier access.

Follow these tips and keep your plastic shed clutter-free!

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