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The Importance of Having a Roof Ventilation System

February 26, 2020

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Summertime is ideal to spend time with family and friends. You can fire up the barbeque and enjoy dips in the pool. Unfortunately, not all your time can be spent outdoors. You have to go inside at some time and face the sweltering heat.

Even if you have air-conditioning in your house, don’t forget about the value of installing roof ventilation. It’s more economical and keeps your house cool during hot summer days & comfortable during winter. Proper roof ventilation can also increase the lifespan of your roof. 

Taking good care of your roof will save you money and time on repairs. For example, proper ventilation avoids condensation issues. Before we unpack more benefits of roof ventilation systems and a solar ventilation fan, let’s first explain how ventilation works.

How Ventilation Works

The science of ventilation is pretty basic. You have hot passive air passing through the roof vents in exchange for cool dry air.

The continuous flow of hot and cool air passing through a roof ventilation system is a fine balancing act. It requires vents to be positioned strategically on your roof to maximise the wind movement for better ventilation inside the house. If a mechanical roof ventilation system or solar ventilation fan is used you’ll rely on its mechanisms and not the wind only.

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Why it’s Important

If your house becomes too humid with hot air trapped inside and insufficient fresh air circulating through the house, it has serious health consequences. Your walls will become mouldy and compressed causing your family to get sick because of the toxic fumes.

Opening your windows every day isn’t sufficient to ventilate your house adequately. You need a proper roof ventilation system to ensure enough fresh air circulates through your home.

Different Types of Roof Ventilation

  • Ridge Vents: These vents are strategically placed at the juncture of your roof where the ridges meet. It’s practically invisible to the untrained eye. Ridge vents allow hot air to escape through them in the ventilation process. They’re not reliant on any power source and use only the wind to channel air through the vents.
  • Edge Vents: Edge vents are positioned at the border of the rooftop. It’s also hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for. They fit seamlessly into the design of the roof and allow cool fresh air to flow through to your house. It’s a natural system and requires no mechanical stimulation. 

The Benefits of Proper Roof Ventilation

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It’s Economical

If you’re able to save money, why wouldn’t you, right? We live in tough economic times and being prudent is always wise. Here are some more savings to consider:

  • It will reduce your electricity bill because your air conditioner won’t be running continuously
  • You’ll save money on repairs and prevent damage to your roof during cold winter months
  • Maintenance costs will be lower because your roof won’t need constant upkeep

Roof Ventilation Systems Protects Your Roof 

Have you ever heard of ice dams? This occurs when your roof is covered in snow and icicles start to form on the edges of your roof; a sure sign your roof isn’t properly ventilated.

When the sun starts melting the ice on your roof and combines with the heat trapped in your attic ice damming begins. The result of the melting ice dripping water and then refreezing is damage to your roof.

A well-ventilated roof will still have some snow on top but no icicles will form on the edges of your roof. Solid roof ventilation systems protect your roof against ice damming. 

It Balances Your Internal Temperatures

It’s easy to spot a well-ventilated home. The temperatures inside are comfortable irrespective of the extreme temperatures on the outside. Balancing the internal temperatures are important for you to enjoy your home during any season of the year.

If your house is inadequately ventilated you’ll experience extremely humid conditions during hot summer days. Your winters will also be extremely cold because the air is not adequately ventilated inside. Roof ventilation balances the temperatures inside your house to allow the correct amount of cool and warm air passing through the vents.

A Solar Ventilation Fan is Eco-Friendly

Another alternative to ventilating your home is a solar ventilation fan. It’s good for the environment as it has no emissions and doesn’t need electricity. It’s user-friendly and an affordable option to start with if you’re environmentally conscious. 

Final Thoughts

Investing in a good roof ventilation system is better for your house and your pocket in the long run. It will protect your roof and save you lots of money on repairs.

As a homeowner it’s in your interest to look after your house as best you can. Your house is a financial investment that’ll give you a good return one day. Make time to install a decent roof ventilation system to make your home healthier to live in.

Don’t delay any further. Your house and family deserve a comfortable home with proper ventilation.

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