Ditch Technology – Get the Kids Outside This Summer!

January 13, 2017

Despite all of the technology and devices that we have available and within arms reach (fully-charged!) on a daily basis, it cannot buy the gift of raw imagination for your children. Summers can be spent relaxing in the garden with an electronic device or putting your space to good use for old-fashioned playtime fun.

It’s hard to get kids to be engaged with something that isn’t providing a wealth of information for them to take in without them having to move much to do it. Although we couldn’t live without modern technology, sometimes it needs to take a backseat so we can appreciate what we have in front of us, and what we can reuse and recycle to make into something new and exciting for children to play on.

A close up of a flower garden

If you have any spare tyres lying around, or know somebody who does/where you can get them cheap, a tyre swing is always a classic idea. Simply get a rope strong enough to withstand the weight (of not just children – this is a timeless idea for adults too and will bring back countless memories!), make sure there is enough room for swinging and attach it to a good, sturdy branch. If not all of these options are available, then the tyre can be made into a planter to brighten up the garden; simply lay the tyre flat, fill the hole with compost and start creating a vibrant centrepiece for your garden. Choose plants and flowers that will withstand sudden changes in temperature such as heathers, but also pop in some bulbs and seeds for seasonal choices too – daffodils and sunflowers are always a joy to see, and the children will love watching them change and grow. You don’t even need a big garden for it to be a viable option.

If you don’t have much in the garden to play on, and the tyre-swing is a no-go, perhaps a stand-alone swing or slide may be a better option. There are slides which can be built into banks for a more natural look, and so many playsets are now being made out of wood – sturdy, reliable and natural looking. Children up to teenage years will continue to use these play props as they become fun for different reasons, from slip-slides leading into a paddling pool to competitions about who can swing the highest. You can’t go wrong!

A close up of a tree

Good garden furniture is an essential if to provide a base for games if nothing else. Rattan Furniture is strong enough to withstand boisterous children using it within their games but also gives a classic and adult touch to what can become a garden overtaken by children and all things associated. A few chairs and a table offers a great place to go on those lazy summer days to play a few board games outside – finally a chance to get the whole family involved rather than focusing solely on the little people in your life. This provides a great opportunity for you to bond, talk about the day and of course get a bit over-competitive when you finally figure you’re losing to a child.

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