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Organising the cupboard of doom with Songmics

March 2, 2018

We all have that cupboard of doom hidden somewhere in our homes. Think of Monica’s closet in Friends that nobody ever gets to see inside because she is so ashamed of it. Our understairs cupboard was similar to this. One of those moments when you are looking for something in the house and then the feeling of dread washing over you as you realise it is probably stored in there. Organising all the shoes, coats, bags and everything else stored in there felt like a big task. So when Songmics recently contacted me to see if they could assist me with my storage needs. I knew that I had to pull on my big girls pants and tackle the cupboard of doom.

Selecting the Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack with the extra big cubes, knowing just how much stuff I would need it to hold. Ordering via Amazon, delivery took just a couple of days. Once it arrived I decided to tackle the understairs cupboard straightaway – or I might put it off forever. Opting for the pull everything out until it’s empty and then sort through the junk.

Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack // Contents

  • 16 x Plastic Sheets (22 x 22 cm; white semitransparent)
  • 40 x Plastic Sheets (22 x 35.5 cm; white semitransparent)
  • 52 x Plastic Connectors (black)
  • Wooden Hammer
  • Instructions (EN, FR, IT, ES, DE)
  • Safety Anti-topple Device (2 x screws, 2 x expansion bolts, 2 x anti-topple nylon ropes)

Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack // Assembly

Arriving in a relatively small box I was convinced that I was missing something as I emptied the contents onto the kitchen floor. A quick look at the instructions made me realise that I wasn’t and that the storage unit was really straightforward to put together.

The seamless design means that the white semi-transparent plastic sheets slot into the connectors to form the shelves and uprights. Available to be configured into a number of different styles to fit your requirements. As our cupboard is quite deep I opted to go for the practical slot shoes into each section style. Whilst for narrower spaces you are able to have the interlocking shoe rack lengthways giving you a shallower shelf but wider. With the aid of the wooden hammer included within the box, you are able to ensure that you get a tight fit on the connectors. 

With Songmics embossed onto the front of the connectors, you might find yourself ensuring that these are all facing the right way (although who would notice in the cupboard is beyond me, yet I still did it).


Once assembled I placed it in the cupboard and started to sort through the junk that was now filling most of my hallway. Old shoes, coats and bags were bagged up ready for a trip to the charity shop. Long-lost items were placed back in their rightful places which meant that the cupboard looked practically bare by the time I’d started filling the slots available on the interlocking storage rack. The large boxes meant that I was able to get two pairs of Mr Boo’s shoes in each section.

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Let’s hope that it stays this neat and tidy and that the children and Mr Boo put things back where they found them. I might add some labels in the future to aid this.

Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack // Where Can I Buy One?

The Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack is available to buy from Amazon. Available in a choice of sizes and colourways to suit your needs and decor.

Win a Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack

To assist you in organising your very own cupboard of doom, Boo Roo and Tigger Too has teamed up with Songmics UK to giveaway a Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack to one lucky reader.

To enter simply complete the Gleam widget below, with one mandatory entry requirement. The remaining entry methods are optional and each one completed will gain you more entries into the random draw.

Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack

Disclosure: We received a Songmics Interlocking Shoe Rack FOC for the purpose of review

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