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No More Running out of Space: 5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Self-Storage Unit for Your Needs

January 18, 2019

Self-storage services provide all consumers with a convenient way to store their household items. Property owners who find that they have just too much stuff in their home and need to declutter can turn to the storage facilities for assistance. The service providers offer several selections to meet the needs of the property owner on a short-term or long-term basis. Whether the items are seasonal, or the owner just doesn’t know what to do with the items, self-storage provides an affordable answer.

A dog sitting in a box

1. The Exact Dimensions

Self-storage facilities provide property owners with a variety of unit sizes to meet their exact specifications. The largest of the storage units is twenty feet by eight feet typically. The most spacious of the units can accommodate enough household items to fill a three bedroom house.

When reviewing storage needs based on size, it is best to determine the total number of rooms the items will fill. Self-storage facilities such as Pink Storage could provide a calculator feature that assists with calculating the exact size needed for storing all items.

2. Access to the Unit

Property owners who are looking for the right storage unit must also consider access. The type of storage unit selected could define when the property owner has access to their unit. Select storage facilities may impose limitations on what hours the property owner can access their unit.

For instance, some facilities that provide indoor storage may limit access to business hours only. However, most facility owners allow more access for customers who choose outdoor units. It is best for the property owner to determine how much access they have to the unit and when they can access when making a final decision.

3. Climate Control

According to statistics, a greater demand for climate controlled units is on the rise. The reason that temperature control is vital when choosing a unit is the inability for standard units to protect specific items in changing weather environments. Items such as electronics, glassware, and vinyl records aren’t protected from heating or extreme cold temperatures in standard units. For some property owners, their insurance policies require them to acquire climate controlled storage to retain full coverage for their items that are placed inside the units.

4. Easy Unloading into the Unit

The self-storage unit should also offer enough space for unloading the items. Select storage facilities have driveways that make it easier for the property owners to pull their vehicles or transport trucks up to the unit. The access ways lower the chances of a personal injury and allow easier unloading of all items into the unit. When choosing a unit, it is best to find an option that provides the feature.

5. Adequate Security Measures

Security is also a vital feature for self-storage options. When choosing a unit, property owners should determine which security measures are followed by the facility. Typically, a security surveillance system is used to capture footage around all the units. A security guard is often posted at the location at least during daytime hours to prevent personal injuries and to monitor anyone entering or exiting the facility. Select storage facilities are gated and require an access code to enter.

A self-storage is an exceptional option for removing clutter from the home. The units offer enough space for most household items as well as certain automobiles and machinery. When choosing a unit, the property owner should calculate the size they need first. Next, it is urgent to determine how much access they will have to the unit on a 24-hour basis. Security is another necessity and will lower the chances of theft and financial losses. By finding the right storage unit, property owners can keep their homes decluttered and won’t run out of necessary living space.

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