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3 Things To Consider Before Moving Home

March 3, 2018

Moving house is an exhilarating step in your life. You’re off on an adventure to start a new life in a new place even if you’re not travelling far. It’s about finding a new place to call your home, at the end of the day. Of course, moving home isn’t like going on vacation – you’re uprooting your life and taking it somewhere new. It’s permanent. And that means you need to give the whole process some careful consideration before you make the actual move. Here are some of the things you need to consider before you move home.

Things To Consider Before Moving Home - A large brick building with grass in front of a house

You should upsell your existing property

One of the mistakes many people make when moving house is rushing the entire process. You might be eager to start a fresh life somewhere else, but you need to take it slowly. Consider all your options before you move because it’s going to be a costly process. Even if you manage to haggle for a good deal on a new property, it’s always going to be an expensive investment. A house is a pricey asset. Of course, you need to remember that you’ll be selling your old house before buying a new one, so you should take this opportunity to make as much money as possible from the “pricey asset” you already own.

Upselling your existing house is the goal, in other words. You’ll want money to go towards your new household to pay for any decor, furnishings, or renovation projects necessary to make the place feel like home. That’s why you should be aiming to increase the value of your current home in order to give yourself the necessary financial backing to fund your house move. And it doesn’t have to be costly to make a big improvement in your current home either. A fresh coat of paint on the walls could make a big difference, as could some new plants around the front of your property and a power-washed driveway. Curb appeal is important.

Things To Consider Before Moving Home - A house in front of a building

You should get rid of any hoarded or unwanted possessions

Upselling your old home is only one aspect of the planning process to consider before moving house. You also need to think about the things that you’ll be bringing to your new home. Households become cluttered and messy over the years (that’s unavoidable), but you have a chance to prevent that from happening to your new home. Take a look at your belongings, and ask yourself what you really want to keep. It’s time to declutter. This will save the time and hassle of bringing an excessive amount of things to your new home. Plus, it’ll make your quote cheaper when it comes to hiring a moving company.

You might want to check out professional movers such as Bekins Moving Solutions to help you with the process. It’s important that you choose a cost-effective company without compromising on quality. For a reliable London-based Man and Van, check out WhatManandVan.

You should think about moving day

When everything’s planned and the moving day arrives, you need to be prepared for the chaos of the day. You’re going to arrive at your new house and everything will be in boxes. You don’t want to have to worry about finding all of your essentials for the day. You should pack a pack of necessities such as clothes and toiletries so that you’re prepared for the day.

Things To Consider Before You Move Home

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