3 Reasons Why a Skip Can Keep Children Safer When Renovating

3 Reasons Why a Skip Can Keep Children Safer When Renovating

November 4, 2021


When you plan on renovating your home or taking on a different kind of large-scale building project, there may be a number of safety hazards that you might want to consider. While you may have thought of some of the more obvious problems, such as turning off electricity or water supplies to the area you are working on, there may be some dangers that could put your child’s wellbeing at risk if you do not plan ahead. Having a skip outside your property can help to keep them safer in a number of ways.

Worth the Cost

The different skip prices may vary, depending on the size of skip you are after, as well as the duration of its requirement. While you may not have initially factored this into your renovation budget, it can certainly be worth considering. However, in doing so, you can then reduce the likelihood of needing to pay out for other removal services or to do it yourself.

Removing rubbish on your own may require going to your local waste disposal site. At times, you may be alone with your children, meaning they would need to come with you. These sites can be quite dangerous and, while children may be told to wait in the car, there might not be a way to guarantee that they will do so, especially if you have left the vehicle to deposit materials. Hiring a skip for that period can be an easier way to keep your children safe while still disposing of the waste efficiently.

3 Reasons Why a Skip Can Keep Children Safer When Renovating

Avoid Trips and Falls

When there is a lot of rubble or debris, as well as the wrappings from equipment or new furniture, these could soon become tripping hazards. It is estimated that falls already account for approximately half of any home-based incidents, so you may want to look for a way to reduce this risk. Utilising a skip means that any rubbish can be removed from your property, and stored safely, which can make your floors as even and hazard-free as possible.


It can be tempting to leave smaller bits of rubbish on the floor, to be dealt with later. However, any wrappings, cords, and wiring could look quite appealing, particularly to younger children. It is entirely possible to assume that they could end up being strangled by these items, or even choking on them should your child put them in their mouth. Removing these items out to your skip immediately can keep them out of the way of your child, allowing them to play safely with age-appropriate toys, rather than the remnants of your work.

The use of a skip can be a cost-effective way to manage any waste created from your renovations, as well as to safely dispose of old furnishings. When using one, it is important that you also do not allow your children to play on, or in, the skip, as this may also lead to further danger. 

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