In Car Entertainment For Children A Good Idea? (ID 9170)

Is In Car Entertainment For Children A Good Idea?

October 8, 2014

The automatic response of most parents today in keeping children entertained during car rides is the use of in-car entertainment. But is technology keeping your children from spending some quality time with you during trips? Some parents see car rides as an opportunity to bond with their children. Many would say that in-car entertainment is a perfect solution to boredom in kids. Although this may be true, making necessary arrangements would allow you to keep your children entertained without sacrificing bonding with them. A good alternative would be to keep textbooks and reading materials.

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The benefits of using in-car-entertainment for children during rides can easily keep your child busy. However, there are some alternatives and other forms of entertainment for them. These other options allow you to create happy memories, expand sensory development and forge a stronger. Although it seems a lot of work, technology is not always the best solution for this type of situation. To make your child to become not too reliant on in-car entertainment, there are many traditional activities to keep children busy. For instance, playing a game of who could go the longest without speaking is clever way of keeping peace inside the car, even just for a short period of time. Of course, a prize awaits the winner. Just be sure to give others a chance to win at other games to discourage fights.

For long-distance trips, it is essential to make plans that involve your kids’ waking hours. If you plan on going out during the day, find out the estimated time that it would take to be in between stopovers. Knowing the approximate number of hours before the next stop would be helpful, especially if your child needs to use the restroom. If the weather permits it, roll down the windows to let your children have a better view of the environment. Just be sure they do not stick their heads out or fall over. Telling stories is another great pastime. This would also allow parents to know more about what’s happening with their kids’ lives without being overly intrusive.

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The use of traditional forms of entertainment would not only save you money. Instead of buying the latest devices for your child to use during car trips, it is practical to give them age-appropriate toys. From colouring books to board games, many stores are offering countless options that could be used by children during trips. Choosing to play a movie in the DVD player should only be the last option when all else fails. Remember that distracted driving is sometimes caused by passengers. Focusing too much on keeping your child busy may take your eyes off the road, so for the safety of everyone, it is much better to let them fiddle on your phone until you reach your destination.

Whether or not in-car entertainment is a good idea for children, parents will still be the ones responsible in finding a balance in combining traditional entertainment and technology. At the end of the day, it is up to them to determine which is more conducive to their child’s health and welfare.

Do you think in car entertainment for children is a good idea?

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