When Do I Need My Drains Cleaned?

When Do I Need My Drains Cleaned?

November 3, 2021

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your drains, things that will make them harder to work with or can cause a big mess all throughout the home. Getting your drains cleaned will take time and energy, but it can save a lot of money along the way. But when should you get the drains cleaned?

Some of the signs that it is time to get the drains cleaned and fixed by a professional include:

Slow Drainage

A clog in the drain is not something that happens suddenly. If you are surprised by a drain clog, then you probably have not been paying as close of attention to the issue as you should. Drain clogs are often going to start with the water being slow to drain out, as waste starts to build up in the pipe and will restrict the flow of water through the system. Pay attention to the drainage of the system and see whether they are draining slower than they normally do. 

Bad Smells

In some cases, the first sign that you have that the drains need to be cleaned out from a clog is a bad smell. If you smell something bad in your home and there is a drain nearby, this is often a sign that something is stuck inside and you need to get it out. This is something that often occurs in the kitchen because food waste is more likely to go down them. It is possible that you will see this same problem happen in other drains as well though, especially if something gets stuck down them. 

In some cases, the bad smell can seem to come from more than one drain at a time. This is a sign that the problem is larger and you should not try to do the work on your own. Consider hiring a professional to come in and take a look at the drains before the problem gets much worse. 

When Do I Need My Drains Cleaned?

Get the Drains Checked Annually

Even if you are not noticing some of the signs above with your drains, you should consider having a professional come and look at them at least once a year. Doing this maintenance and taking care of the drains on a regular basis will make sure that the clogs are not going to get big enough that they block the pipes completely. This also is a great way to maintain how efficient the system is and gives you some peace of mind. Once a year is plenty for most homeowners, which will help give you some of the peace of mind that you need to know your drains will be in good shape. 

It is important to get your drains cleaned and taken care of before they get too clogged and do not work the way that they should. Our expert plumbing services at United Plumbing can help make sure that the drains are cleaned and work the way that you want them to. Contact our team today to help you get started. 

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