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Selling your house: the alternative to estate agents

July 31, 2018

As most homeowners will be well aware, selling your house can be an extremely stressful, lengthy, drawn out process. It can cause headaches and heartache, not to mention the huge expense that is footed by the seller.

Typically, using estate agents is the first plan of action for people who are ready to up sticks and sell their house. But what exactly does using an estate agent entail? While it may be handy to have your home advertised to potential buyers, the process is a real fee-fest. Think solicitor’s fees, estate agent’s fees.

And the bills don’t stop there.

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While no one’s buying, and you’re selling, the house is still yours. It’s that simple. Easy on the mind, perhaps, but not so easy on your bank balance, as you’ll be paying out maybe double mortgage payments if you’ve been lucky enough to move into your new home.

But while society generally leans towards using an estate agent it really isn’t the only option. As A1 Home Buyers UK will certainly be pleased as punch to tell you, it is possible to cut the process time and cut all those aforementioned associated costs.

What a dream. How?

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The alternative to estate agents

Selling your home quickly isn’t a pipe dream. There are companies out there, like A1 Home Buyers UK, who want to help you move on and solve those dreaded double mortgage woes. In addition, a quick sale is likely to mean that you don’t have to reduce the asking price for your property, which many homeowners are sadly having to do nowadays.

Choose to sell your house for cash and you will receive an immediate cash valuation and a legitimate offer. Of course, you’re free to liaise with A1 Home Buyers UK and discuss these life-changing offers. After all, that’s the significance of what they are, life-changing.

During this process, amidst all the surveying, the legal bits and bobs, A1 will ensure your legal expenses are covered. The payment you receive will be the amount you collect upon completion of the sale. Amazing.

If you haven’t got three months or more to wait around to sell your home, consider a quick cash sale. Perfectly flexible, and ideal for busy homeowners, at best, it is possible to sell your home for cash in as little as five working days.

No need to get stuck in the estate agent trap if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Your home, your rules.

Some food for thought at least.

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