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Pre-Purchase Home Inspection? Here’s Why You Should Do It

September 15, 2018

A house is probably one of the most expensive investments any person will make in their lifetime. Some homes are fully acquired only after at least 10 years of mortgaging. Some even reach up to thirty years or more.

Because of this, it is wise to take measures to protect your money. You really don’t want a home that deteriorates before you are done paying for it. Choosing to give the property an aggressive inspection before buying it is one good way to make sure your investment is a worthy one.

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While you may have a sharp eye yourself, it’s best to let an experienced inspection company handle your work. Australian company Rapid is one example of a good property inspection company. The different checks they do for building and pest Inspection Gold Coast are a great example of the types of checks you’ll find at inspection services in your area.

Whichever inspection firm you partner with, the benefits of choosing professional inspections are many. We discuss the most important ones here.

Inspections can uncover defects that the sellers themselves are not even aware of

Structural defects are sometimes not readily visible to the untrained eye. In fact, even inspectors themselves do not just rely on their bare visuals to uncover issues. Many of them use special equipment such as radars to fully examine a home.

Matters are made a little more complicated when a home is put on sale. Because sellers are aware that prices can go up if the property is beautified, they’ll most likely invest in repainting and even minor remodelling. These might mask some issues. Because of this, potential buyers should not fall immediately for what meets their eyes.

A bench in front of a brick building

Inspection results might lower a property’s selling price

When the comprehensive reports come in, and it becomes apparent if the property has major issues, you now have the power to re-negotiate the price. These issues will have to be addressed by you; it’s just fair that the potential costs of the repair are taken into account in the pricing!

Just to be clear, homes with structural issues are not automatically bad buys. They can still be advantageous, depending on how willing you are to make adjustments and how intense your planned home reorganization or remodelling is. We will talk more about this in the next point.

Inspection reports allow you to prepare ahead

When you get a new house, the first thing that you want to do is to reorganize it. Planning for this project should be based heavily on your personality and lifestyle. After all, homes should be supportive of our lifestyle so that we can function optimally in it.

A home that has defects in places that you are going to renovate or remodel anyway is going to be advantageous for you. If you have a comprehensive inspection report with you, you can easily assess how much work the place needs. With this information, you can make very well-informed plans.

Having a property inspected before you buy it is a must. In doing so, you must make sure that your inspector is both licensed and experienced in the field. This is done so that the validity and reliability of the inspection won’t be put in jeopardy.

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