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Sell Your House Quickly By Avoiding These Mistakes

August 22, 2018

There’s a lot to be considered when you’re preparing to sell your house. The actions you take to prepare your house to be viewed by potential buyers can either attract people or drive them away.

The time it takes to sell varies widely, with average time even within the UK varying by a matter of weeks depending on the area. Read on for the simple mistakes to avoid in order to give yourself the best chance at having someone buy your house fast.

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Ignoring the Exterior

The first thing a potential buyer will see is the outside of your house. The idea of curbside appeal is no joke here. A house that looks poorly kept or unwelcoming from the outside can set the tone for the rest of the visit, and colour a potential buyer’s view of your house negatively.

Taking care of the exterior of your house involves things like making sure the grass is trimmed and the hedges are neat but don’t stop with yard work. Your house can sell more quickly with a fresh coat of paint on the outside and a newly swept porch. Also, make sure to trim back any foliage that might be blocking the walkway. You want potential buyers to be able to get to the front door without anything impeding them.

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Not Preparing for Photography

Many potential buyers will spend time looking for houses online. In the digital world, good photographs can easily make the difference between someone who will come to see the house in person and someone who will forget about it as soon as they click away.

To prepare for photography, make sure that everything is visibly clean and not too cluttered. It may also be a good idea to remove some of the more personal decor for the photoshoot. You want the people viewing the photos to be able to picture themselves living in the house.

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Putting off Repairs

If you have been procrastinating about making repairs to your house, now is the time. Although the upfront cost of the repairs may be off-putting, in the long term the repairs will actually save you money. A house that is in good repair has more equity than a house that will need to be fixed up by the buyer, and will thus sell for a higher price.

A house in good repair is also more likely to attract buyers in the first place. There are many people who would prefer to move into a house they can comfortably live in straight away, rather than purchasing a project that will require a lot of work to be put into it.

Failing to Stage

It’s difficult to picture living in an empty house. When you attempt to sell your house empty, it can feel unwelcoming and sterile to those viewing the house. It’s a good idea to stage the house by leaving some furniture– but not clutter– set up in a way that will show potential buyers what living in your house might look like.

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Pricing too High or too Low

Even the best and most welcoming house will be slow to sell if the price is too high, but pricing your house too low can hurt your selling prospects as well. It’s important to set your price at a typical rate for similar houses in your area. A house that takes too long to sell can cause potential buyers to become suspicious that it may have hidden flaws.

Get familiar with comparable sales, also called comps, in order to better understand what price is appropriate for your house.

By avoiding these mistakes, you will be well on your way to selling your house quickly.

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