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How You Can Keep Your Kids Entertained On a Road trip

July 31, 2018

There’s nothing like a summer road trip to help you bond with you and your family! The wide-open roads, the random pit stops, and the final destination make taking the kids on a road trip totally worth it. But, sometimes those long hours on the road can get boring if you aren’t well prepared.

Here, we’ll share some easy ways to keep the kids entertained during a road trip. Pack the kids in the SUV and read on for some ultimate road trip fun!

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Play Games

The most obvious way to keep the little ones entertained in the car is to play some classic road trip games. We all know ones like The License Plate Game, where you have to find every letter of the alphabet on other cars’ license plates, but there are many other games to keep the whole family entertained. Here are some of our favourites:

  • License Plate Lingo – Similar to the License Plate Game, during License Plate Lingo, the kids have to come up with some saying with the three letters on the license plates you drive past. For example, if the plate says AEM-678, the phrase could be “An Earthly Monkey” or something else silly or creative. The driver can either judge the round to see who gets the most laughs, or everyone can win!
  • Celebrity Game – This game is great for a bit older of kids. What you do is go around the car and say a celebrity or famous character’s name, and then the next person has to say another name that begins with the last letter of the previous name. For example, if someone starts the game with Taylor Swift, the next person could say, Trevor Noah, then Henry Ford, and so on. Usually, there is a 20-second countdown, and if someone can’t think of a new name in those 20 seconds, they’re out.
  • Animal Spotting – This game is a classic and works well for road trips in the middle of nowhere! See how many animals you can spot and whoever can find the most animals in between stops wins! Bonus points if the kids can name the species of animal.

Dance/Karaoke Party

Another car classic is a dance or karaoke party! Blast some tunes and have the whole car singing along for some major fun and giggles. Before you head out, check out the many kid-friendly playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora to know what you’re going to play. Even more fun is to make the dance party impromptu and surprise the kids with one of their favourite hits. Who’s going to have the best moves, the grown-ups or the little ones?

A close up of a child wearing a blue shirt

Bring the Tech

Nowadays, there’s no reason to take a long road trip without bringing the necessary technology. While there’s nothing like spending quality, face to face time with the kids, sometimes breaking out the iPad or gaming console is the only thing that’s going to keep them entertained for the long drive.

There are so many road trip apps for kids from babies up, including colouring book apps, learning opportunities, puzzles, videos, and so much more. Drawing Pad is an entertaining app that allows them to finger paint and use magic markers virtually. Even better? You won’t have to worry about getting ink on the seats! Another really cool one is My Car – Mechanics for Kids. The app teaches kids about the inner workings of the car and important car safety, perfect for when you’re on the road! Who knows, with a little practice your kids may be the only mechanic you’ll need during your road trip!

These are just a few fun ways to keep the kids entertained during a road trip, and with proper preparation, you and the family will build memories that will last a lifetime!


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