Resort Wear for Moms: The Perfect Wardrobe for Family Fun in the Sun

August 13, 2019

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You and the family are getting ready for summer vacation. You’ve chosen the ideal destination and even reserved your stay at a family-friendly resort. As you look over the list of things to do while you’re away, you can’t help but wonder what to wear. You want to look great on your trip, but when it comes to managing the kid’s comfort and practicality are also imperative. If you’re looking for a balance between style and comfort, you’ll want to bring these things along with you. 


If you want to conserve space in your suitcase, look great, and feel comfortable while at the resort with your family, pack a few sundresses. Their material makes them easy to fold and roll. The one-piece attire makes it easy to get dressed quickly (which is especially important if you have a newborn or curious toddler you’re trying to tend to). They also come in so many styles and colours that you can find the perfect gear to flatter your figure and look great. Sundresses are great for days on the beach, dining out, or a day of shopping. 

Comfortable Shoes

You may be on vacation, but if you think your children are going to sit calmly and give you a break – think again. You need to be able to move with ease. There’s also the fact that there’s often a lot of walking on vacation. Whether you’re visiting an aquarium, at an amusement park, or enjoying a walk on the beach, you’ll be on your feet for hours. Save yourself the aching feet later and get some comfortable sandals

Flats are likely your best option as they provide the most comfort. Look for shoes with the most arch support and cushion. If you plan on doing any hiking or other adventure activities you may also want to bring a pair of sneakers as well. 

Bathing Suit

If you’re going to be relaxing poolside while the kids play or catching a tan while at the resort you’ll need a bathing suit or two. In order to feel your best, opt for a bathing suit that fits your body type. They have stylish one-piece and two-piece bathing suits to accommodate any figure. You might even consider buying a coverup or two.

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Got a date night planned while at the resort? Why not buy a trendy romper for the occasion. Rompers are stylish and come in both short and pant styles. They’re cute and casual and also quick to put on. Pair it with some gladiator sandals and the few accessories and you’re ready for a wonderful evening. 

Shorts and T-Shirts

If you plan on venturing around in nature while on your family vacation then you’ll want to dress the part. Forego the sundress and rompers and instead throw on some shorts and a t-shirt. You can keep it really simple and still look great. A basic pair of denim shorts and a novelty tee can be paired with a pair of low-top sneakers. Pack at least 3 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for your resort vacation. 

Sun Hat and Sunglasses

When on a resort vacation you can rest assured you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the sun. Don’t forget to pack some sun protection for yourself. A nice sun hat for the beach and a pair of glasses is all you need. 

Durable Bag

When you’ve got the kids there’s an arsenal of things you’ll need to have on hand. From sippy cups and snacks to first aid kits and toys, you need to have a bag that is durable. You don’t need a bulky duffle bag or anything. There are lots of nice and fashionable oversized pocketbooks or fashion bags that you can take for the trip. This way, they can coordinate with your outfits. 

It can be tough trying to decide what to wear while on a resort vacation – especially when the kids are tagging along. You want to be fashionable, presentable, but also practical and comfortable. After learning about the activities you’ll be participating in on your vacation, simply use this as a guide to help you choose a wardrobe that works. Hopefully, the above checklist has provided you with a good start.

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