random acts of kindness you can do as a family

15 Random Acts Of Kindness You Can do As A Family

February 2, 2023

We are all aware that being kind is the best possible thing we can do day to day. After all, no matter what the situation is, we never truly know what is going on for every person we encounter. So if we are kind, then at least we know we have done our best. It is a great life lesson to teach our children, and performing random acts of kindness together can reaffirm how it can bring positivity. So I wanted to share some of the random acts of kindness you can do as a family. 

Family-friendly random acts of kindness

mother and daughter cooking together - Baking - random acts of kindness you can do as a family

Make cakes for your neighbours 

Who doesn’t love cake? Baking cakes for a neighbour, especially if they are elderly, or have recently been through a big change like having a baby or a loss, can be a great way to bring a smile to their face. Plus it is a fun activity to do together as well. 

Donate food to the food banks 

There are so many people in need right now, so donating to a food bank can be an excellent way to help someone who is in need. You can clear out your own cupboards or head to the store with a mini list. It helps children to appreciate their lifestyle. 

Declutter toys and give them to charity 

These days children have way too much, so decluttering toys and donating to a charity shop or even a baby bank that collects non-food items for families can be a great way to show kindness. 

brown bear plush toy and stack of books - random acts of kindness you can do as a family

Help out another family with basics 

Local food banks and community pages often share when there are particular people in need or need something specific, so why not help them? It could be a basic food shop, some clothing items, toiletries, or cleaning products. 

Leave happy notes as you go about your day

Give your little ones some post-it notes and a pen and ask them to write happy notes. Things like “have a great day” or “you are amazing.” Leave them in random places such as inside a library book, on a shelf in the supermarket, etc, and brighten someone’s day. 

Pay for someone’s shopping 

If you are standing in the queue and notice someone who looks troubled or you feel they would benefit from a random act of kindness if you can afford it, why not pay for their shopping? It is a small gesture but could be a great way to brighten their day and alleviate any hidden pressure they could be feeling. 

woman holding a mug of cappuccino - random acts of kindness you can do as a family

Buy the next person a coffee

In the drive-thru at your local Costa? Why not buy the next person’s drink? This can be a lovely way to put a smile on their face. 

Buy flowers for someone who needs cheering up

There may be people in your life such as friends or family members that have been through a lot, so why don’t you and your little ones choose some flowers for them? This could be a lovely way to show them you are thinking of them. 

Paint a picture for someone 

Whether it is a neighbour, an elderly relative, or people in your local care home, why not encourage your children to paint bright and happy pictures for them to deliver? These things can often be a simple gesture, but the thought can be an instant hit. Some people may not get visitors regularly so this might be a lovely way to brighten their day. 

man holding orange electric grass cutter on lawn - random acts of kindness you can do as a family

Help a neighbour with their garden 

Older children could offer their services to a neighbour who might be struggling. This could be raking leaves, mowing the lawn, or helping out to tidy up their outside space. As the weather gets warmer, people appreciate having a tidy garden to enjoy. 

Do something for charity 

There is no denying it, doing something for charity can often be a great act of kindness for you to do as a family. It might be that you do a run together as a family, raise money for growing hair and having it cut off, or even sponsored bike rides or swims. Come together as a family for charitable planning and see what you could do or what event you could get involved in. Then choose a charity that you know will benefit from the money you raise. 

Donate toys to the local hospital 

Local hospitals can often struggle for things like toys for their children’s wards or waiting rooms, so if you do have toys that your children no longer want or need then donating them here could be a great option to consider. You could also encourage your children to get others involved and do a big collection for your local hospital. Doctors and dentists waiting rooms can also benefit from things like this as well. 

brown envelope with thank you printed card - random acts of kindness you can do as a family

Make a thank you card

Has someone helped you and your family recently? Or do you know of anyone that would benefit from a thank you card? Perhaps your child would like to thank someone like a teacher, dinner lady, or someone they interact with daily. If so, then encourage your child to make a thank you card. 

Make a meal for a family that needs it 

There may be families on your street or that you are aware of that have been through something substantial recently. Maybe they have suffered a loss or have had a new baby. Whatever it is, why not make that family a meal? Often cooking can be the last thing on someone’s mind when they are focusing on something else or dealing with how they are feeling, so the simple act of providing a meal can take some pressure away. 

Write a letter to an older person 

Finally, older people love receiving letters. These days it is all about text messages and emails, but for them, a simple letter is all they need. You and your family could write letters to elderly people in care homes. Give them a call and ask if there is anyone who would like to be written to. Care homes welcome things like this as it can brighten up their resident’s day. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of inspiration for some of the random acts of kindness that you can do as a family.

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