How to Run a Background Check on a Nanny

How to Run a Background Check on a Nanny

March 25, 2024


Having a nanny come into your home and watch your children is a big step, and unfortunately, it comes with some risk. While it can be a great way for you to get back to work or enjoy some time away from your children, this individual will be watching over them for hours each day. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to be thorough and to look into their background to determine if they’re a good fit for your home. While most nannies are a good fit, you always want to reduce risk as much as possible when your children are involved.

Unfortunately, running a background check can seem complicated, and it’s something that large companies usually handle and charge a lot for. However, times have changed, and platforms like have made a difference. Read on to learn how to run a background check on a nanny.

Why You Should Learn How to Run a Background Check on a Nanny

You should always run a background check on a nanny. It’s an important part of the hiring process, especially when people will be around your children. While most people will work with a nanny from an agency, which can be more reputable and easy to verify, freelance nannies are out there, and it’s not always easy to learn about them. For this reason, you’ll want to run a background check using a reputable tool to ensure that the nanny is who they claim to be.

You should also run a background check on anyone who will be around your children, especially without your supervision. Even if the nanny is from an agency or someone you know, running a background check on them doesn’t hurt.

How to Run a Background Check on a Nanny

What Type of Background Check Should You Run for a Nanny?

When you run a nanny background check there is a lot of information you look into. While you can run a basic background check that verifies their identity, you should also consider checking their driving record, sex offender status, and criminal history. This will give you the full picture of the nanny and can help you determine if you can leave your kids alone with them, have them drive your children around, and much more. You can also request court documents from domestic disputes and check their credit history if that’s something you also want to look into.

How Much Does a Background Check for a Nanny Cost?

A nanny background check can cost as little as $60 to as much as $500. The cost depends on what you’re looking for in a nanny background check. For example, some background checks will reveal information about criminal records and sex offender status, while others might only verify their identity and references. Make sure you work with a legally compliant company and check the pricing.

How to Run a Background Check on a Nanny

Numerous tools will help you run a background check on a nanny. In fact, you can even use a tool like Google to start your search. That said, we recommend using a professional tool that will comb through someone’s public records to produce a report for you. This will ensure that the information is current, accurate, and readily available in one easy location. Learn more about the steps to run a nanny background check below.

How to Run a Background Check on a Nanny

Step 1: Get Consent 

The first part of the nanny background check process is consent. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCFA), nannies need to provide signed consent and that you have authorization from an FCRA-compliant company. You need this consent or else you can’t legally run a background check on a nanny. Therefore, it’s important to make the nanny aware of the background check before you run it and give them a chance to decline. However, if they do decline, that’s a red flag anyway.

Step 2: Gather Information

Gathering information once you have consent is important. When you’re going to be gathering information for a background check, you can use’s criminal records check to compile a report. This report will be more affordable to gather with, especially compared to larger background check companies. For this reason, we always recommend starting there. You can then use this information to run a more in-depth background check to gather more information if necessary.

Step 3: Verify Criminal Records

The next step is to verify someone’s criminal records. You should always use a compliant company to verify these records. Plus, compliant companies are fast and will help you get the information you need as quickly and as accurately as possible. Many nannies will have to go through this process on their own and may even have to provide a fingerprint.

Step 4: Ask for References

Next, it’s time to ask for references. This part of the background check is usually up to you, so it’s a good idea to ask for two personal and two professional references – at least. Doing so ensures that you have the information from a few sources, and you can ask similar questions to ensure that each person’s answer lines up. You can also request information from the nanny company if you’re using a company for its nanny service.

How to Run a Background Check on a Nanny

Run a Background Check on a Nanny Today

Running a background check on a nanny has never been easier. With the right tools, you can run an in-depth background check that looks into a nanny’s criminal records, public records, court records, work history, and much more. If you work with a company that supplies you with a nanny, this is less of a risk, but we always recommend running a background check on nannies you plan on working with. It may take a few minutes and cost a few bucks, but your children’s safety is worth it.

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