5 Tips for Raising Your Children Vegan

5 Tips for Raising Your Children Vegan

December 14, 2020

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It is no secret that a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important keys to happiness. For many, this includes a plant-based diet. In recent years, eating vegan has shown tremendous effects on the human body, improving overall mood, health, and mindset. 

While for an adult, this is an easy transition to make, getting a child to follow a vegan diet can be a bit of a challenge. Children are inherently finicky eaters. Most young ones often give parents a difficult time when it comes to meals. Here are a couple of tips to make sure that picky eater is getting enough vitamins with their vegan diet. 

Prepare Yourself for Protein Questions

One of the areas that you, as a vegan parent, will often come in contact with is how your child is getting an adequate amount of nutrition. Be sure that you have the answers for those curious ears prepared. When it comes to children, one of the easiest ways to supplement protein is with oatmeal or peanut butter. Typically even the pickiest of eaters can’t deny peanut butter. Alternatively, look into the best vegan probiotics supplements to ensure that they are getting everything they need.

Be sure to include things such as peanut butter, soybeans, edamame, or even pumpkin into your little one’s daily routine. These foods are all healthy and vegan-friendly alternatives for consuming protein. 

5 Tips for Raising Your Children Vegan

Involve Children in Choices

An efficient way to get children to eat is to involve them with what they’re eating. When preparing meals, make it a moment of learning. Show your children what they’re consuming, talk about where the healthy food comes from, and what they’re going to be eating it. Involving a child in meal prep gives them the ability to learn and also shows them that they have some responsibility for what they consume. 

Making fun games out of smoothie making can teach a child about what they are consuming and also lend itself to a learning experiment. 

Creativity Rules

While the media may make it seem as though most kids are difficult to feed, this does not mean that their pallet should be limited. Children are all unique in their own ways. Introducing your child early to different foods will help to educate them instead of limiting their taste buds. Quinoa could become your little one’s next favorite food! Introducing your children to an array of foods could be beneficial in future food endeavors. 

When In Doubt, Yogurt

A very easy meal that most children enjoy is yogurt. Making children smoothies out of their favorite yogurt or pairing it with fruit can spice up any picky eater’s taste buds. Yogurt can be eaten at any time of the day or even between meals as a substitute. An easy vegan meal that most kids love will come in the shape of yogurt. It’s even great on the go!

5 Tips for Raising Your Children Vegan

What About Vegan Mothers of Infants?

Making the adjustment to vegan eating is not limited to children and adults only. In fact, plant-based baby formula now exists to help those parents who are not breastfeeding or comfortable using supplement based formula. Those little ones whose stomachs are sensitive or who are looking to live by a certain lifestyle can be accounted for as well with these additions to formula options. 

Many children have a hard time breaking down the traditional formula and even breastmilk. These plant-based options can help your baby’s eating habits. Plant-based baby formula should have all of the vitamins that a growing infant needs to sustain healthy eating habits, and as a parent, you should be certain of your decision. With so many options now on the market, parents have plenty of options for formula choices. 

No matter the age of the child in question, there are options for your little ones. Even your newborn can maintain a healthy plant-based diet. These options will help you and your offspring navigate through the sea of food options to find what is best for them. No longer is eating vegan a stigmatized option. As long as the proper vitamins are provided, a healthy balanced diet will be easy to maintain for you and your children. 

Plant-based eating is a healthy alternative for many families. Health and wellness are two of the cornerstones of living a good life. If you are looking for ways to substitute your child’s meal habits, then perhaps a vegan lifestyle may be just the thing to maintain those healthy eating goals. 

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