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Coffee Talk: All About Ground Coffee and Its Varieties

June 12, 2023


At some point, we could all agree that coffee works magic; it’s an energizer, a mood booster, and does wonders for our bodies. No matter what the size, be it tall, venti, or grande, no matter when and what the deadline is, coffee will always never disappoint. 

Some people would claim they are coffeeholic, probably because of their fascination with coffee or the number of cups they have consumed. But being a coffeeholic could be more than that. Are you a coffeeholic? How well do you know your coffee? Sip right through your cup as we explore Ground Coffee and its varieties. 

What is Ground Coffee?

Ground Coffee is not instant coffee. People usually know brewed coffee but not Ground Coffee which is quite ironic because brewed coffee is made out of Ground Coffee. Ground Coffee beans are made out of ground coffee beans. 

Unlike instant coffee, where you put hot water, then voila! Coffee! Ground Coffee is more of the process of making a cup of tea with a tea bag. Put hot water, simmer, and drain, resulting in brewed coffee.

Types of Ground Coffee

Types of Ground Coffee

Ground coffee comes in different sizes and textures. There are three main types of Ground Coffee: fine, medium, and coarse. The fine is for smaller and finer coffee powder, while the coarse has bigger grains of coffee powder. 

To know deeper about Ground Coffees, here are the five types of coffees with regards to their hybrids:

  • Coarse – its particle could size up to 1 mm, just like Himalayan salt. 
  • Medium – can be compared to beach sand, usually measuring up to 0.5 – 0.75 mm.
  • Medium fine – looks like table salt and 0.5 mm in size. 
  • Fine – 0.3 mm in size, just like granulated sugar.
  • Extra-fine – can be likened to flour 0.1 mm in size.

Fine Ground coffee beans have finer particles which make water extract the coffee flavour thoroughly. Coarse ground coffee, on the other hand, has bigger particles; water moves quickly, which makes it longer to extract its flavour. 

Affecting Factors in Purchasing Ground Coffee

Affecting Factors in Purchasing Ground Coffee

If Fine Ground Coffee is less time-consuming and gives you a stronger coffee flavour, why not just choose fine-ground coffee all the way? Perhaps most people would ask this question, but there are a lot of factors to consider purchasing the right type of ground coffee for you. 

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Personal Taste – some like their coffee stronger while some like theirs just average.
  2. Coffee MachinesFrench presses are for coarse ground coffee, the Drip coffee maker is for medium, and the Espresso machine is suited for fine.
  3. Brewing period -coarse ground coffee takes longer to brew, while fine ground coffee is shorter. This will also depend on what type of coffee you prefer.
  4. Suitable Drinks –  if you’re a coffee owner, there are types of coffee that match specific types of drinks, be it cold or hot, with a latte and many more.

Coffee Thoughts

Doesn’t your cup of coffee taste better when you know it well? You’re a more credible coffeeholic now that you know what ground coffee is, its types, sizes, and texture. This knowledge gives you more chances to explore the magic of coffee, its aroma, the flavour it gives, and more. How many wonders can one cup of coffee hold? 

Have the coffee you deserve in the comfort of your home. Ground Coffee, coffee-making machines, be it an Espresso machine, French press, or whatever suits your liking with good quality but affordable prices on our website. 

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