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How you can eat vegan if the restaurant is non-vegan?

October 11, 2016

Being vegan is easy if you are eating in your own home. You know what to shop for, and how to prepare your meals. This means that eating is an enjoyable and comfortable experience. The good news is that this does not have to change if you decide to eat out. You should never be so concerned about potential issues that it puts you off going out to restaurants.

Obviously, the easiest way to ensure that you have vegan choices when you are eating out is to eat in a vegan restaurant. The problem with this theory is that there may not be a vegan restaurant in the vicinity. If there is a vegan establishment available you may have a problem convincing the people you are dining with to eat there. The good news is that you still do not need to worry. You can eat out at a non-vegan restaurant as long as you make the right preparations.

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Check out the apps

If you want to know which restaurants in your area are vegan-friendly one of your best options is to check out the apps that are available. These apps are really useful in helping you to find out where your dietary needs are likely to be catered for. It takes seconds to download an app and once you have done this you have the information permanently at your fingertips.

Ask before you go

If you want to ensure that there will be something you can eat, as a vegan, you should always contact restaurants such as NYP Bar and Grill in advance. For some people, this is a daunting thought but it should not be. Restaurants want to be able to ensure that people enjoy their time spent with them. If they are able to cater for your requirements they will do so, as long as you give them advance notice. You may be pleasantly surprised and discover that the restaurant you contact already has a wide range of vegan options.

If it does not have a wide selection the chef may be able to create a vegan option for you. If you contact a restaurant you should always be clear about what you are asking for. It’s a good idea to just explain what you can and cannot eat. You should be polite and succinct; you should never provide a big lecture about why you choose to eat a vegan diet.

Learn about substitution

If you are used to catering for yourself at home, there is a good chance that you already know a lot about which foods can be substituted for others. It’s a good idea to make sure you have extensive knowledge in this area so that you are able to ask about substitutions when you contact the restaurant in advance, or if you are out with people and call into a restaurant for a meal unexpectedly.

Being dedicated to eating a vegan diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy eating out in restaurants. You may be lucky enough to find a really good Vegan restaurant in the area. Even if this is not the case you can still enjoy the experience as long as you make the right preparations.

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