Mum’s can’t be ill

February 26, 2013

For the past 10 days or so I have been ill and like any mum can tell you… Mum’s can’t be ill!

Tigger started the illness run in our house with a high temp on the Friday before half term. Followed by a 2 hour wait in the walk in centre on the Saturday, foot him to be diagnosed with tonsillitis (great second time this year). Sunday was spent in a blur of vomit and dirty nappies. So come Monday I couldn’t send him to nursery, thankfully I was off anyway due to half term. Monday was spent with Roo, Tigger and myself curled on the sofa under blankets watching Jurassic Park.

By Tuesday my sinuses were starting to hurt but plodded on. I went to work on Wednesday dispute everyone telling me I looked awful but for fear of a HR sickness meeting I had to work. Friday saw my eyes feeling itchy but thong nothing of it, by Saturday I was looking very rough but again plodded on. Over night my eyes were weeping and very painful so I decided that I needed to see a doctor. Another trip to the walk in centre, I originally saw the nurse practitioner who couldn’t do anything so I had to wait for the doctor. Infection in both eyes so prescribed two lots of eye drops. He wouldn’t do anything about my sinus pain as I didn’t have a temperature, despite me having the pain since Tuesday.

I woke up Monday morning and cried, I felt that ill. I rang work to explain that I wouldn’t be in and thankfully it was one of the girls who had been on this Wednesday and said I sounded terrible. Somehow I managed to get Roo to school and Tigger to nursery, lord knows what I looked like.

My doctors surgery is really quite good and I was able to get an appointment with my family GP. Although I had to wait 20 minutes I was happy to be seen. My GP is lovely a kind older gentleman who listens to your concerns and explains things easily for you. Sinusitis, so antibiotics for a week and to continue with one of my eye drops.

Once home I took my first dose of my antibiotics and lord did I feel sick, my GP did say they might make me feel a little sick but I felt like the room was spinning. I closed my eyes and something made me wake with a start, a quick look at the clock… 3.10pm Oh poo! Roo finishes in 5 minutes thankfully I had the car. Managed to get Roo and then onto the nursery to get Tigger. Once home I felt so ill, I text Mr Boo to say how bad I felt. At 6pm we all laid on the sofa waiting for Mr Boo to get home, only he didn’t arrive home until 7.30pm! I was so annoyed, I know that he couldn’t finish early but he is usually home by 6.30-7.00pm.

I dumped the monitors in his hands and stormed upstairs to watch a film in bed. Thankfully he got up with Tigger in the night as I was still feeling rough.

This morning feeling worse as ever despite taking my antibiotics and regular pain relief I stumbled out of bed. I made Mr Boo take Roo to breakfast club as there was no way I could do the school run today. Although as it’s Tuesday I have Tigger here. Whilst he is a good little boy and will amuse himself with his trains I feel bad that I am not able to give him the attention he deserves. I would ring someone to help but there is nobody, friends are at work and family are not available.

So here I am feeling so sick, feeling sorry for myself and feeling like a failing mummy for being ill.

How do you cope when you are ill?

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