How to Protect Your Blog

Blogging 101 | How to Protect Your Blog

June 2, 2022


We are living in a digital world, which means that there is a need for secure technology. If you have a website and your own blog, you might be looking at ways that you can protect your blog site from any unnecessary attacks. These attacks could negatively impact your blog, and you need to be able to do better not only for your readers but for yourself. It’s a good starting point to review the information on how to protect your blog and take a proactive approach so that you can recognise the traits of any hatching attacks.

Ideally, you have been using managed IT services to help you to run your blog in the background. It’s these services that can pick up on any hacking and issues that come up even when you’re asleep. If you haven’t been using the services, then you need to speak to your blog provider to see whether or not they have any power to stop your blog from being hacked repeatedly. Below, we have got some solid tips to help you to protect your blog in future.

How to Protect Your Blog

How to Protect Your Blog

Pay for secure web hosting

We just discussed managed IT services, but if you don’t have a reliable web host, you’re not going to win this battle. There are so many good characteristics of a good web host, and that includes things like monitoring networks for suspicious activities and preventing large-scale attacks. Web hosting services always have a backup plan should they notice any patterns of hacking on the service. Managed hosting could help you to have a more secure place for your website.

Strengthen your passwords

If you’ve been using the same password for your website as you have for your email and other login sites, you need to change them. A simple password is a great idea for remembering, but it’s going to hurt your security in the long run. Ensure that your passwords are long and have a mix of special and regular characters. Add in some numbers and try not to use common words that are related to your blog. These are tools that can help you to strengthen your password further and with the help of multifactor authentication and a password manager, you can be even more secure. 

Protect access to your WordPress admin

The admin site for your blog is actually one of the key entry points that you need to protect from hackers. If you are not protecting this entry point, you’re going to find your website an easy target. If you strengthen your password here first and foremost, you are going to ensure that your blog is more protected than it could’ve been elsewhere. If WordPress is your hosting website, your blog will be more protected as it is more secure. This is just a tip to add on top of that layer of security.

Update your themes and plug-ins regularly

This is something that you should do as often as possible because not updating your themes and plug-ins can open your sites to move vulnerabilities and you could’ve thought. Always look out for updates on your themes and plug-ins, because these are something that you need to be on top of so that you can protect your blog for as long as possible. When you don’t update them, your blog slows down and gaps and vulnerabilities can appear.

Always use an SSL certificate

This is a file that includes data that is encrypted, which protects your website from the get-go. A good web hosting service will be able to offer this to you for free but if you don’t have one you can purchase one from a third party. If the site begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP, this means that you have an SSL certificate that you can use to keep your blog protected.

How to Protect Your Blog

A hacked blog can be a complete nightmare as you have to fix various areas of it for it to be back on track. A breach could have implications for your whole blog and even a business if this is what you’re running. The result ends up being a potential loss of business, and damage to your brand, and hackers can use the information that they have stolen to implement fraudulent behaviour. It becomes a way bigger than just a breach. You need to ensure that you are protecting your blog as much as possible and hopefully, these tips are going to ensure that you can do just that.

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