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Project MC2 // Pixel Purse

November 9, 2017

The Netflix Original Series Project MC2 has been a huge hit with Roo since she discovered the first series a few years ago. With part six recently making its way onto the Netflix scheduling she has already managed to binge watch the episodes. Before deciding to start back at the beginning and watch all the STEAM girls adventures.

Whilst some of the TV shows that Roo opts to watch I roll my eyes at and wonder what on earth it is about it that makes her want to watch. Project MC2, however, offers the adventure and mystery that Roo seems to love alongside the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) aspect. Enabling her to learn more about the different roles each of the Project MC2 girls take on and how they use their knowledge to the greater good – Smart is the new cool!

In time for birthdays and Christmas, there has been another wave of Project MC2 accessories released into the stores. With the Project MC2 Ultimate Spy Bag and Project MC2 H2O Remote Control Car alongside her favourite character all sitting in her room. Roo is always keen to see what she can add to her collection next. One the latest Project MC2 accessories to catch her eye on a recent shopping trip was the Project MC2 Pixel Purse.

Project MC2 // Pixel Purse

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If you were to look at a phone, tablet, or television screen with a magnifying glass you would see it is made of lots of tiny dots called Pixels. For example, when something is ‘HD’ it simply means that the screen has more pixels packed into it. The pixel purse has very large pixels made from LED lights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and they act like tiny light bulbs turning on when the microchip inside the pixel purse sends electricity to the LED. LEDs can be found in the headlights of newer cars and most traffic lights. Looking at one LED would be boring, so we put lots of them together to create fun patterns and images. Each pixel can change colour and inside the pixel purse is a microchip, which remembers the images and in which order to display them.

Project MC2 Pixel Purse // Features

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    • 10 pre-programmed animations for out-of-the-box play without a smart device
    • Download the free, easy-to-use iOS and Android app, connect to your device, and program the LED lights!
    • Storage compartment fits most smartphones
    • Keychain clip for your favourite accessory


  • 4 x AA Batteries required (Included)

Project MC2 Smart Pixel Purse App

Whilst the Project MC2 Pixel Purse contains 10 pre-programmed animations to enable you to interact with the accessory straight out of the box. It is the free downloadable app on iOS and Android that unlocks the technology features on the Pixel Purse. Simply head over to the Apple Store or Google Play to download the Project MC2 Smart Pixel Purse App.

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Once you’ve downloaded the app it is time to let creative flair along with a touch of pixel coding take over. Starting with a blank pixel screen you are then given a whole host of options on what it is you’d like to create. From shapes, letters, and animations you can create almost any design you want. Preview your chosen designs before downloading them and adding them to the pixel screen.

The different phases of the creation stage allow children to make something simple, or advanced depending on their age and ability level. The great thing about the app is that they can continue to create and make changes to designs as much as they want. Developing their skills with each new pattern and masterpiece.

Project MC2 Pixel Purse // Our thoughts…

From the moment that Roo opened up the Project MC2 Pixel Purse, she was eager to discover how to create her own designs. With her receiving her first smartphone just before the summer she was quick to download the app and start to work out how to create designs and animations. The different modes within the app enable her to customise her designs in terms of colour, shape, and animation.

Whilst the pixel screen and smartphone integration is one of the main features of the accessory. It is still marketed as a purse, which once you have the smartphone in-situ reduces the space available inside. We found that the storage compartment was just about large enough for her smartphone, coin purse, and lip balm. Which when you are eleven, I guess is all you need – however, I would have liked to have seen more space available.

The strap on the Pixel Purse isn’t very long, which given that Roo prefers to carry bags across body, it wasn’t possible. As this Project MC2 accessory could be purchased for a child aged 6-12 I think an adjustable strap would have been more useful in order to make carrying on the go easier.

Project MC2 Pixel Purse // Where Can I Buy?

The Project MC2 Pixel Purse is priced at RRP £49.99. Available to buy from Amazon, Argos, Smyths Toys and all other good toy retailers.

Disclosure: We received a Project MC2 Pixel Purse FOC for the purpose of review

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