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World Dream Day // Bush Baby World Sleepy Pods

September 28, 2017

Dreams fascinate me, I’d love to be able to interpret what they mean and what they are saying about your subconscious. There is something magical about watching my children sleep, especially as little babies. Seeing their faces twitch with the occasional smile, I ponder about what is filling their minds whilst they sleep.

World Dream Day is celebrated on 25th September, which is also my nieces birthday. As she loves her sleep it appears that she choose a good date for her birthday to fall upon. If only the lazy mornings would rub off on Roo who has always been an early riser.

“For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let them swim in the deepest ocean or glide over the highest cloud.” ― J.K. Rowling

Bush Baby World Sleepy Pods

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A magical world where dreams are made

Bush Baby World is home to the cute and mischievous Bush Babies who have lots of fun together. Within this magical world is a very special tree…

The Dream Tree, where the Dreamstar Bush Babies live. At night they snuggle into their Sleepy Pods and close the leaf door to stay cosy and warm amongst the branches.

The Dreamstar Bush Babies are the guardians of The Dream Tree. They nurture and protect it to ensure sparkling dream dust is cast out every night from the golden flower crown, filling dreams with endless wonder.

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Bush Baby World Sleepy Pods // Who are the Bush Babies?

  • Adero – Full of giggles, Adero wakes up every day with a smile. His jokes and big heart, make him the perfect best friend.
  • Nenia – Sweet and kind but behind her angel-face, is a Bush Baby that likes to get her own way! Bossy, feisty with lots of confidence, Nenia will always stick up for you.
  • Sasu – Always hosting tea-parties, picnics, and dances. Bubbly and talkative, Sasu also loves to decorate.
  • Abi – With her head in the clouds, Abi is a great friend to have and she believes that everyone’s dreams can come true!

Bush Baby World Sleepy Pods // A time for play, a time for sleep

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The Bush Babies are a fun interactive toy that can be incorporated into various role-playing activities. Roo has a great imagination so for her she was looking after a Bush Baby who had lost their way and needed a little TLC. Finding Bush Baby Abi hung from her bedroom door one afternoon after school. Opening up the sleepy pod to reveal the white rabbit with purple detailing, she carefully took her out for a cuddle. 

The Bush Babies eyes and ears wiggle and waggle by placing your finger into the back of their head. This enables the child to give the Bush Baby expressions. As well look as though they are communicating back to them whilst they play.

With fun, games, music, and laughter to be had throughout the afternoon, there does come a point when it is time for bed. Placing the Bush Baby back within the Sleepy Pod and carefully placed on her shelves (she thought that there might be a draft from the door so didn’t want to hang her back on there – so sweet). With just Abi’s tail trailing from the Sleepy Pod it was time to head off to the land of dreams.

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Bush Baby World Sleepy Pods // Where Can I Buy?

The Bush Baby World Sleepy Pods are available from Amazon and all other good toy retailers

We wish you all a sweet goodnight

Disclosure: We received a Bush Baby World Sleepy Pods FOC for the purpose of review

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