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November 11, 2015

I can remember one of the midwives telling me that I was going to be discharged home from hospital with Roo in the morning when I broke down in tears and said ‘but nobody has shown me how to bathe my baby’. Which looking back makes me feel very silly however as a first time mum I had only changed a handful of nappies and certainly never have given a baby a bath before.

Thankfully before I left hospital the following day one of the nursery nurses came and showed me how to hold my newborn for a bath, what I would need and in which order to clean her.

Now that Piglet is on her way I have suddenly realised that it is a few years since I bathed a baby so I need to get myself prepared. I’m hoping that one of the nursery nurses will give me a little refresher whilst I am in hospital but need to have the newborn bath essentials at home ready for Piglet.

Shnuggle Bath

With Roo we has a standard baby bath that offered no support yo her other than my arm holding her. It was big, bulky and was too heavy for me to lift following my c-section. Tigger had a baby chair that was OK but only lasted until he could start sitting up as he would attempt to tip himself out of it.

Earlier this year whilst I was looking at the Shnuggle Basket I came across an advert for the new Shnuggle Bath and I knew instantly that this was the bath I wanted to buy for Piglet. Take a look at the advert…

The Shnuggle Bath offers both the support and longevity I am looking for in a baby bath for Piglet so for me this is the perfect bathing solution for a newborn through to when she is approx 1-year-old.

Price: £19.99
Where to buy: Shnuggle, Amazon, John Lewis
Available in three colours: pink, blue and grey

The Original Cuddledry® Baby Bath Towel

If there is one thing I remember about bathing Roo and Tigger as babies it was the juggle of trying to get them out of the bath whilst attempting to wrap them up in a towel without getting myself soaking wet or letting them get cold. The Original Cuddledry® Baby Bath Towel solves this problem by popping the towel on like an apron on myself whilst the baby is in the bath, then when they are ready to come out simply pick them up wrap the apron towel around them ensuring their head is in the hooded section at the bottom of the towel.

Price: £29.99
Where to buy: Cuddledry, Amazon


Bath essentials

With Roo being my first child I had all the top and tail bowls, lotions and potions etc however by the time I’d had Tigger I realised that they were completely unnecessary. All I needed was a ready supply of cotton wool balls (even though I hate the feeling of them crunching between my fingers), a nappy sack to pop the used cotton wool balls into and clean warm water free from bubble bath etc.

I was always advised to clean baby’s face first using a clean cotton wool ball for each new wipe across their face so not to pass any dirt or infection onto a new area (especially the eyes). Once their faces and hair has been washed they can then be placed into the baby bath and the rest of their body can be washed.

What are your newborn bath essentials?

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