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Common Dental Emergencies and Quick Fixes

November 12, 2015

If you find yourself in the midst of a dental emergency and can’t get to the dentist immediately, there are a few things you can do to temporarily cope.

A woman standing in a room

Tooth Pain or Toothache

If you’re experiencing pain in or around your tooth, it could be caused by a number of problems, like gum infection, sinusitis, an abscessed tooth, or a loose crown. Firstly, clean your mouth by rinsing with a salt and warm water mixture which will help to relieve the pain temporarily.

Next, take over-the-counter pain medication for relief and use a numbing gel.

Chipped Tooth

Depending on how bad the chip is, chipped teeth can sometimes be saved. If you are not in pain, you won’t have to worry about finding an emergency dentist in Brisbane. But do see your regular dentist as soon as possible.

Broken, Fractured or Cracked Tooth

A fractured or cracked tooth is a dental emergency. Pain from that break or crack can either come and go or be constant so until you can see your dentist, do this:

  • Mix ½ a cup of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of salt and gargle and swish the mixture around in your mouth for a minute. Spit it out and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • If the trauma is due to an impact to your face, apply a cold compress to minimize swelling. If you are bleeding, apply pressure to the area using a piece of gauze until the bleeding stops.

A Knocked Out Tooth

If a tooth has been knocked out, you need to call a dentist right away. As soon as a tooth has been knocked out, follow these steps to try to preserve it:

  • Pick it up by the crown and do not touch the root which can damage the cells that are needed to re-attach the tooth to the bone. Next, rinse your tooth to clean it and then, if you’re able, place it back in the socket and bite down on gauze to hold the tooth in place. If you can’t do this, wrap the tooth in cloth and put it in a container or saline solution or milk.

Fallen Out Fillings

If a filling comes out, be sure to remove all the pieces from your mouth. You can take over-the-counter pain relievers if you are in pain. Try to avoid chewing on that side of the mouth until the filling can be redone. Also take care when brushing your teeth and be gentle on the side of the hole.

Fallen Out Crown

If your crown falls out, take it to the dentist with you. In the meantime, try to temporarily re-cement it in place or store it safely. Remember to carefully clean it and dry it first.

To re-cement the crown in place, coat the inner surface with dental cement or even a denture adhesive and place back in your tooth. Avoid using super glue which can cause grave damage.

Keep the area clean and if you are in pain, try applying clove oil to the sensitive patch.

Final Word

A dental emergency can be traumatic and scary. If you do experience a dental emergency, try to book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible or find an emergency after hour’s dentist. In the meantime, follow the above steps for pain relief and sensitivity.

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