Play Park Fun {#CountryKids}

Moving home has given us many new opportunities. One of those is being able to walk out the back door, take a five-minute walk and we are at the children’s new school.

Having such a short school run has an additional benefit, it means that we have plenty of time to visit our local play park on the way home to have some fun (and burn off any excess energy).

We used to drive past two play parks on our previous school run and it always seemed such a hassle to unload everyone to visit the park, load up again before heading home so we would only do it once in a blue moon.

Now though we are making the most of the warm, dry weather and enjoying the play park as much as possible. The children are loving being able to walk down the road from their school and have some fun before we head home for tea. They are especially loving the roundabout, bucket swing and climbing frames.

Play Park Fun {#CountryKids} - Roundabout

Play Park Fun {#CountryKids} - Bucket Swing

Play Park Fun {#CountryKids} - Climbing Frame

How often do you visit your local play park?

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  1. April 23, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Its lovely you are more able to access the park now, I have a real park phobia, they stress me out, although I have tried to serve my park time but much prefer to get the boys in the fields near us now they are older x

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