Planning Ahead for a Parents’ Night Out

August 10, 2019

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You remember the intimate moments, bursts of laughter, and endless fondness of the one sitting next to you, right? Well, who says just because you are married and have children that the sparks between you can’t continue to fly? The truth is, you were a couple first and then you decided to raise a family together. Having a date night once a month will help to rekindle your love and make your feelings for each other grow even stronger. 

The Babysitter 

Of course, a date night can’t actually happen unless you find a suitable babysitter. The good news is that you have several worthy options to put your mind at ease so you can enjoy your evening out. You can ask a grandparent to come over and spend some time with the kids or you can alternate with good friends who have children around the same ages to extend the benefit of an evening out to you as well as them. Or, you can contact the YMCA who actually has a Parents’ Night Out where they provide fun activities for the children while you spend a few hours alone. 

What to Do 

If you and your spouse are new to the Parents’ Night Out, you may wonder what to do. Thankfully, there are many things you can plan ahead for. For instance, you can go to a restaurant first. Pick a place with good reviews that you want to try and then attend a sporting event or go to the theatre afterwards. 

Date Night on a Budget

If you are tight on funds and want a cheaper evening together, you can go bowling or a night club that caters to your type of music. Just remember if you choose the latter to call a taxi to bring you home. And, if you should acquire a hangover from consuming too much alcohol, you can take a DHM hangover supplement to reduce the after-effects. Or, perhaps you want to learn something new together like ceramics, art or take a cooking class. 

A Walk Down Memory Lane 

Your evening out can be something you did together on your first dates such as going to the drive-in theatre and ordering popcorn and soda pop. It’s a private space where you can cuddle and hold each other fondly, just like in the early days. 

A woman sitting at a table with a plate of food, with House

Daytime Dating 

If you work odd hours, and rarely have weekends off together, use vacation or sick days and plan a daytime date. It’s original and fresh and, if your children are of school age, you’ll have the entire day to yourselves without the cost of a babysitter. Since you have the house to yourselves, you can opt to stay in for your date and have breakfast in bed and watch an old movie both of you enjoy. Or, if you want to go out you can go to the beach, the museum or simply choose to take a long drive and then stop at a new place for lunch. 

Double Dating 

If you have a few really close friends who also have children, a double date is a great way to go out as couples and do something fun. While away, the kids can play together and at the end of the date, you can split the cost of the sitter. Having a date night shows your partner that they are still the one you want to be with. With a full-time job and children to tend to, parents often lose sight of each other’s needs. A date night alone, separated from the children, lets you reconnect and spend quality time together. You have fun, laugh and rekindle your love.

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