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Indestructible Treads Shoes for Boys

April 10, 2018

When it came time for Roo to start school I can remember my mum friends advising me to buy a few spare sets of uniform but not to spend a fortune. Instead, save the money to purchase good quality school shoes. The best possible ones that we could afford as these were the most important item of school uniform. 

Whilst I overdid it with Roo’s school uniform, purchasing a complete uniform for each day of the week ‘just in case’. To which she hardly got any use of it, although the school was grateful for the spare sets at the end of the school year. I made a point of buying her school shoes that good quality and designed for the task at hand. 

When it came time for Tigger to start school I approached things very similar, however, reined in the school uniform purchases. Which ironically I needed to go out and purchase more as that boy cannot stay clean at school. I’m sure he’d manage to get dirty in a completely white room! Again we bought shoes that we thought were good quality and would see him through the school year (or at least until his feet grew)… wrong, so very wrong. It appears Tigger like most boys are much harder on their school shoes and after the first half term they were already starting to look worse for wear.

Indestructible Treads Shoes for Boys

A pair of shoes

Knowing just how much wear and tear school shoes undertake each day Treads Shoes are confident that they have produced the solution to every parent’s nightmare. New to the market Treads Shoes have undertaken hours of research to understand why the current selection of school shoes available fail. As well as understanding how our boys are so tough on their shoes and how the design needs to be improved.

What makes Treads Shoes Different?

Treads school shoes have been specifically designed and made to be durable. Treads are constructed using a “Strobel” technique where the upper is placed into a mould and the sole is then injected around it creating one unit without the need for any gluing. This not only creates a really strong bond but offers additional flexibility, meaning your boy’s new school shoes are not only comfortable but longer lasting too.

Shoe and Treads

One of the issues we have with purchasing shoes for Tigger is that he has quite narrow and slim feet. This results in us having to add inner soles to ensure that we gain the correcting fitting for him. The Treads Shoes come with a dual fitting design. By including or removing the additional footbed it offers additional width for those who require it. Or like in Tigger’s case keep it in for those with a narrower foot.

A pair of sneakers

As it is the Easter holidays we haven’t as yet put these to the test in the schoolyard. However, knowing that these come with a 12-month indestructible guarantee offers me some peace of mind that they will survive past the end of the current school year. Especially as the summer term is the time when they are out playing football, bench ball, tag and lords know what else they get up to at playtime.

Treads Shoes // 12 Month Indestructible Guarantee

Each Treads shoe assures unsurpassed quality, comfort, and durability. The 12 months guarantee is an expression of our confidence in the material and workmanship of their shoes. If the shoe you buy falls short of these high standards, you may return it to them within 12 months from the day of purchase.

  • The guarantee is limited to one replacement pair of the same size and style up to 12 months from the date of purchase. In the event the style is no longer available, a style of equal or greater value will be substituted.
  • Guarantee only covers the PU outsole of the shoe, the leather upper, straps, and eyelets. Damage to the in-sock or laces are not covered.
  • The guarantee is applicable if the sole has split or is removed from the upper. The outsole is worn through into the midsole, stitching has failed resulting in a split or torn seam. The leather upper is cracked or damaged forming a hole. A strap has detached or split leaving it non-functional. Eyelets are detached from upper.
  • The guarantee is void if the shoe has in our reasonable opinion been abused or mishandled e.g. excessive water saturation beyond what is reasonably expected of schoolwear, damage through sharp objects, excessive dragging or use as brakes on bikes, skateboards or scooters.

Treads Shoes // Where Can I Buy?

The current range of Treads Shoes are available directly from the Treads Shoes website. Suitable for boys aged 6-16 years, available in a choice of designs and styles. With junior touch-fasten styles available in shoe sizes Junior 13 to size 4. Lace up and slip-on styles are available in sizes 3 up to size 11.

The shoes are priced at £45 a pair, however, are currently discounted to £35 as a launch special – which I think we can all agree that £35 for a pair of school shoes is amazing value!

Girls styles are hopefully hitting the website in time for the back to school season – which will be great for Roo starting high school and requiring to do a long school run that she does currently.

Collaborative Article with Treads Shoes

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