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Top things to look for when choosing a babysitter

July 9, 2017

Children are your most vulnerable and precious people in your life. They don’t stay babies for long and before you know it you’ve got to keep an eagle eye on what they’re up to. What are they about to put in their mouth, what are they about to grab hold of, where have they disappeared off to and why is it so quiet all of a sudden. Let’s face it, us parents spend our lives worrying, overthinking, over planning and on high alert most of the time! So when it comes to babysitters, you’re going to expect the same level of responsibility from anyone into whose care you entrust your precious bundles, whatever their age. Secretly, some of the criteria for a babysitter would be eyes in the back of their head, x-ray vision, fully qualified medic and all round superhuman. Meanwhile, back the real world…

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Top things to look for when choosing a babysitter

You’re a practical parent with the best interests of your family at heart. If you were doing anything remotely important in your life such as selling your house or organising a wedding, you’d get the professionals in. If you’re going to a posh event, you’ll take a trip to the hairdresser, so why not if you’re seriously looking for well-qualified babysitters who you can entrust your children would you not use a professional babysitter agency? Sitters can do just that. It can find you a babysitter whom you can trust. Whether you’re looking for a babysitter for date night, an important event or just need some downtime we’re here to help.

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One of the best ways to pick a babysitter is to have a trial run. Choosing a day when you’re not pressurised to trial a babysitter either at home or on a day out is a great way to get a feel for how they get on with you but more importantly with your child. If you’ve had a recommendation from a friend who has used the babysitter that will also help you make up your mind. Keep an eye out for how your child reacts to the babysitter and you’ll get a true picture of how comfortable your child is. You’ll also get a feel for how they cope in different situations, whether they’re calm or flustered, if they’re good in a crisis and if they’re proactive in playing and caring for your child.

One of the most important points is how reliable they are and how seriously they take the job. Don’t pick someone who is obviously immature and is likely to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend with them to your house. Make sure you set some ground rules and preferably pick someone who has children of their own or who has professional experience. After all, you wouldn’t entrust your purse or wallet to just anyone, why would you do so with your children. So why not find a sitter with an online childcare agency for babysitters.

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Questions to ask yourself

  1. Have you had a recommendation
  2. Is your child genuinely happy to see the babysitter
  3. Do you feel comfortable around your babysitter

Information to leave your babysitter

  1. Your telephone number/a friend or family member’s telephone number
  2. The address and telephone number of your destination
  3. Your car registration, make and model
  4. The out of hours doctor’s number
  5. Any medication your child is currently taking
  6. Your child’s date of birth
  7. Any medical information that is relevant including known allergies

Questions to ask your babysitter

  1. Do you have a first aid qualification
  2. Do you have references
  3. Do you have photo id
  4. Do you have proof of your address
  5. Do you have a driving licence/car
  6. Have you worked with children before in a professional caring capacity
  7. Do you have experience with children with special needs
  8. Are you able to stay after midnight and overnight if necessary

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