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Piglet’s Wardrobe | Mothercare Floral Sleepsuits

April 22, 2016

If there is one thing that I love seeing little ones in, it has to be sleepsuits. When they are young, outfits may look cute but I much prefer to see them looking cosy and comfortable in a sleepsuit. When I had Roo we didn’t know if she was going to be a girl or boy so stocked up on plain white sleepsuits, which were slowly replaced by baby pink as she grew older. With Tigger, we knew we were having a boy so his first year was filled with baby blue sleepsuits, and as we prepared for Piglet’s arrival I again looked for sleepsuits for her, however, the once appealing baby pink sleepsuits no longer caught my eye. It was the colourful sleepsuits, with funky prints and applique detailing that I craved for her.

Mothercare Floral Sleepsuits

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Mothercare has been gracing our high streets since 1961 and there is a reason why it is still going strong today – quality products. Stocking both a range of baby equipment from pushchairs, car seats and nursery furniture, they also have a wide range of clothing from the tiniest of babies through to age 10.

Piglet was recently sent the Mothercare Floral Sleepsuits to brighten up her wardrobe and to see what we thought of the design, quality, and wearability.

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The Mothercare Floral Sleepsuits come in a pack of three, with each sleepsuit having turnover scratch mitts which are a great addition to the sleepsuits as any parent who has ever tried to put on scratch mitts on a baby and keep them on will tell you what a battle it is. Each of the sleepsuits also come with popper fastening to the front of them, which goes from neck to ankle, allowing you to hopefully keep their feet in place whilst you do them up. The deep pink sleepsuit with the rabbit applique is slightly different in that the poppers go down one side to enable the design to sit well on the front.

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The three designs included are a deep pink sleepsuit with rabbit applique design to the front along with a cute ladybird bug feature on one of the legs.

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A beautiful pink polka dot sleepsuit, which I’m sure you all know about my love of polka dots, has a scattering of colour dots throughout the white dot design.

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Finally, a white sleepsuit which is covered in a bold and beautiful floral design, one that really catches your eye and we’ve had many comments about where we got this from when Piglet has been wearing it.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Whilst Piglet isn’t a sicky baby she can easily go through two or more sleepsuits in a day depending on much she has been dribbling or messing around with her bottle at feeding time (she’s not a fan of wearing bibs). The Mothercare Floral Sleepsuits have been through the wash at least twice a week for the past couple of weeks and they have managed to keep their size and shape. The fabric hasn’t gone hard and stiff, they still feel soft to touch and allow her to move about easily on her play mat (maybe a little too much as the little monkey won’t keep still).

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My only problem is, I can’t decide which one I love the most she looks too cute in them all.

Price and Availability

The beautiful bold 3 pack of sleepsuits is priced at just £16.00 which given the amount of wear that sleepsuits go through is a great price.

Disclosure: We received the Mothercare Floral Sleepsuits FOC for the purpose of review

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