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How to Make Your Passover in Florida as Pleasant as Possible

April 4, 2023


Many Jews live in Florida. Some who live elsewhere also visit their relatives there. Miami Beach has a thriving Jewish population, and you will also find many Jews in the Orlando area. Let’s say that you’re spending Passover in Florida. You’ve got Pesach coming up, and you appreciate the occasion’s solemnity. You also like gathering the family together and spending time as a unit.

You might wonder whether you can have an enjoyable Passover when you’re traveling. You can, and we’ll talk about how right now.

Celebrating Passover in Florida

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Orlando Pesach Villas

It might surprise you, but you can usually find Orlando villas set up so that Jewish guests can enjoy Pesach. First of all, these villas often have dining areas where you can have a traditional seder. 

You will find long tables that can accommodate many guests. They have comfortable chairs if you like the longer seder that takes an hour or more till you get to the meal.

They also have full kitchens where you can prepare the traditional dishes if you’d like. They have sideboards where you can place the dishes so you can easily serve your guests.


You might also decide that you’ll do the service, but you’d prefer that someone else cook the meal. Maybe if you’re having a huge seder with many guests, you would prefer that.

If you pay a little more, you can usually find a resort where they cater for Passover. You should make sure if you keep kosher that the staff prepares the food properly.

Additional Accommodations

You should also make sure if you book one of these resorts that you have enough bedrooms to go around. Maybe you have some guests who live nearby and who will not sleep there. If you’re bringing relatives from out of state, though, they need bedrooms that have large, comfortable beds.

After eating all of that food, you will probably want a good workout afterward. You can get up the morning after the seder and hit the fitness area. You might spend some time on the exercise bike and work off all of that matzo ball soup. You may also want a fitness area with free weights, exercise balls, resistance bands, etc.

You might want a swimming pool as well. You can swim some laps there, and you might splash around with the kids if you have some young ones with you.

You may want a private community playground where your kids can mingle and make some new friends. Some resorts also have tennis courts, racquetball courts, pickleball courts, etc. You might challenge Uncle Morty for family bragging rights.

If you stay at the right resort, your Passover in Florida should be both memorable and fun. You can strike a balance. You can have some quiet reflection and contemplation, and you can also eat some yummy food and have a great time catching up.

That’s when custom and tradition give you the most benefit.

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