Family Adventures: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Trailer

Family Adventures: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Trailer

June 27, 2024


Traveling as a family is filled with so many things — joyous times, lots of fun, lots of memories, and lots of laughter. Yet it can also have some stress when it comes to all the travel details. Some of the major pain points for many families with kids are having to figure out travel arrangements with where to find hotels or motels, eating out, and even how to accommodate the family pets. Fortunately, the right travel trailer, whether you’re renting or buying, can eliminate so many of these pain points and make family trips full of fun and memories. 

Assessing Your Family’s Needs for a Travel Trailer

Though they are similar to RVs, travel trailers have a number of advantages for families. Just like looking a what family-friendly features you want for your house, you’ll want to look at the features in a travel travel trailer. Since there is no motor in a travel trailer, you don’t have the worry about those components. With an appropriate truck or other vehicle that can the trailer, you’re free to go on family adventures with minimal stress. Some of the different types of travel trailers include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Conventional travel trailers, which vary greatly in terms of size and features
  • Fifth wheels, which provide some extra living space due to their cab extension
  • Pop-up campers, which are smaller and more convenient to tow
  • Toy haulers, larger trailers that have live-in spaces and can accommodate items like ATVs or dirt bikes
  • Hybrid trailers, which have expandable components to increase living space when stationary
Family Adventures: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Trailer

Consider the Size of Your Family and how Much Space You Need

The living space in a travel trailer is of course much more limited than in a home, but you’ll still need enough space for all the people in the family for various activities, eating, and sleeping. Depending on how many children are in the family, as well as everyone’s sizes and ages, can help determine what size and type of trailer you get. Don’t forget to think about the family pets; if you have a large-breed dog, for example, you may take that into consideration when evaluating your trailer. 

Evaluate What Type of Trip or Trips You’ll Be Taking 

Every family has different needs, and it’s worth taking some time to consider what types of trips you’ll be using the travel trailer for. Some families may be primarily using it for camping and outdoor trips and may want more minimal features when it comes to living spaces and amenities. Others will use it for trips to see different family members or just on brief stops between other destinations. If you’ll be spending ample time within the trailer at your destination, having some additional amenities can be worth the cost, so think about what’s right for your group. 

Family Adventures: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Trailer

Consider Locations for Family Travel, Too

Similarly, the places you’ll be traveling will also be key in helping determine what features you want in your travel trailer. Using it on stops between ski trips or where inclement weather may come into play? You may want luxury features such as fireplace. Or if you’re traveling through mountainous or rugged destinations, you may want a lightweight trailer that’s easier to maneuver or something more durable designed for rugged terrain. Prices can vary depending on the area, so it’s worth looking at where you plan on traveling and considering prices.  For example, costs for Kansas City trailer rental may be less than major cities like New York or Miami due to its midwestern location where prices may be lower.

Cooking and Eating Space

You know your family best, and determining how much space you’ll need for food prep, storage, and/or cooking is also an important factor. Maybe you’ll mainly use the space of any kitchen amenities for quick meals and snacks so a smaller space and fewer cooking amenities will work for you. Or, maybe you plan on using the travel trailer for the majority of the family meals, so having sample space and kitchen features is important to you. 

Think About the Layout and Built-In Features

The layout of the travel trailer itself should be one that feels comfortable to everyone and fits your needs and budget. Maybe you like a certain layout or style better than another. Looking at what built-in furniture and features are utilized in the trailer is also important to ensure everyone has a comfortable trip. 

Family Adventures: Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Travel Trailer

Don’t Forget About Storage Space 

One thing that most families have in common is that traveling always includes a lot of “stuff.” Some of these are essentials like food, clothing, emergency supplies, first-aid, medication, and other essentials to stay healthy while you travel. But there should also be room for fun items, such as games and activities, books, devices, items for the beach or camping, and more, to make sure the trip is fun-filled and memorable. Look for how the storage areas and set up and ensure there will be enough storage space to meet your family’s needs. 

A Travel Trailer Can Bring Family Adventures to Life

Hitting the road as a family can be incredible, and investing in a travel trailer, either to rent or buy, can eliminate many of the stresses involved with travel and really help everyone come together as a family. Enjoy all the conveniences and amenities of having a travel trailer and make all your family adventure dreams come true.

When you take time to evaluate what your needs are as a family, you’re sure to find the perfect travel trailer option for everyone.  

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