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Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

March 4, 2019

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These days so much stuff ends up in the bins. Between convenient packaging of snacks and meals and everything in individual wrappers, there is a lot that we throw away or try to recycle. I have started a mission in my house to create less rubbish and try to create more waste-free days. We have been starting with small steps.

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Recycling is important. It is important to make sure that things that can be used again are being recycled. Many people do not want to recycle because they find it inconvenient and it makes a mess. Keep your recycling contained with recycling box lids. Use containers that have lids like these. It keeps the recycling neat and tidy while keeping it out of the way. It also ensures that the small pieces of paper or light bottles and cans do not blow away.

Waste-Free Lunch

Creating less waste when I make lunch for the kids is on my list as well. It isn’t as difficult as many people think and once you have the right supplies, it gets even easier. It also saves money so that is a nice bonus to keep you motivated.

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  • Don’t Buy Individual Servings – Don’t buy individual crisps or candies or snacks. Buy a large bag or package, and split it down into serving sizes for lunch
  • Water Bottle – Instead of buying plastic water bottles or throw away juice in individual servings, buy a reusable water bottle. These bottles can be made from safe plastic, aluminium, or even glass for older children and adults. Refill the bottle with drinks from a pitcher that is stored in the fridge. Buying a large container for a drink versus a lot of smaller bottles is much cheaper and it creates less waste
  • Ditch the Plastic Bags or brown paper sacks- When you are packing lunch you might go for a plastic bag or a brown paper bag to put the lunch in. For under £15 you can get a reusable lunch sack. There are fun cartoon characters for little kids, plain lunch boxes for teens and adults and they come in all kinds of colours and designs. To keep them clean, simply wash them in the sink or dishwasher, and some are washing machine friendly
  • No More Baggies – Skip the plastic baggies to hold sandwiches, fruits and vegetables and snacks. Buy small reusable containers to pack. The containers can be inexpensive and basic or you can buy more complex ones that are designed for lunches

Once you decide to make the change, it gets easier. Decide to be committed to spending less and throwing away and these simple changes will become second nature.

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