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Day Nursery // Time for lunch

September 12, 2018

With back to school season upon us, it brings an air of change in the Boo Roo and Tigger Too household. Whilst Roo is heading up to high school and Tigger into Key Stage 2. It also sees Piglet moving up to a new nursery class in preparation for preschool in January. The new class promotes independence (not something she is lacking in) and encourages the children to take on tasks themselves after instruction.

Meal times is just one of the areas in which they are focusing on. With the children getting involved in laying the table ready for lunch. Finding and placing plates and cutlery on the table. Before ensuring that hands are clean ready to tuck in.

Her current day nursery provides meals for her whilst she is there over the lunchtime period. However, when she hopefully makes the move to preschool in January she will be having a packed lunch just like her siblings. So with the start of the school year, I have been making her a packed lunch alongside the ones I pack for Tigger and Roo each morning. A great way to get her used to having a packed lunch, and ensures that I have lunch sorted no matter what we are up to that day.

TUM TUM Children’s Lunch Bag Bundle

With Roo and Tigger each selecting new lunchtime accessories for the new school year, it seemed only fitting that Piglet would join in with the fun. This year she is going to be utilising the TUM TUM Children’s Lunch Bag Bundle, available in a choice of designs but it was Bluebell the Cat that Piglet thought that was ‘so cute’.

TUM TUM Insulated Children’s Lunch Bag / Backpack

The lunchtime bundle contains everything you need for back to school, nursery or childcare setting. With a large backpack style lunch bag which makes it easier for little ones to carry with them – giving an additional slice of independence. It does also come with a padded carry handle on top for when you are carrying (unless you fancy carrying it as a backpack too – the straps are adjustable). The insulated lunch bag zips along three sides to make it easy for getting lunch items in and out as well as making a makeshift picnic area. Finished with a clear wallet on the back to house either a photo of your little one or their name.

A little girl is looking at the camera

TUM TUM Flip Top Kids Water Bottle

One of the things that I have learned from my almost 12 years of parenting is that a drinks bottle is very important – especially to a toddler. Over the years we have tried many different styles, some have lasted past the initial first few uses. Others have been used once and never requested to be used again. The flip top water bottle included within the bundle offers children several key fun factors. A funky design (always a must-have), a flip top (something to keep them occupied whilst waiting for food) and a straw (there are some magical powers attached to straws).

The flip-top lid style of the water bottle ensures that the drink stays in place whilst transporting but is easy enough to be opened by little hands whenever refreshment is needed.

A little boy sitting on a table

TUM TUM Nesting Children’s Snack Boxes

Why is it when you put food in a sectional plate or in different bowls/plates that children will eat more than if you popped it all on one plate? Thankfully TUM TUM realises that most children have this little quirk to them so the nesting snack boxes are a perfect solution. Storing inside each other like a set of Russian dolls, before being filled with raisins, sausage rolls, vegetable sticks and cheese. Ready for lunch at preschool, school or even on a day adventure somewhere.

Each complete with a different image on the lid and a corresponding coloured pot. A great size for little lunches and a wonderful learning through play activity as they work out which order they nest back into each other once the food has all gone.

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TUM TUM Easy Scoop Children’s Travel Cutlery

There are certain life skills that children need to learn as they graduate from baby to toddler, toddler to preschooler and so on. Adding in a full cutlery set to mealtimes ensures that they hold them in the correct hand (I still use my fork in my right hand, and learnt to cut with my left). As well making them feel more grown up as they have a fork, knife and spoon just like everyone else on the table.

This travel cutlery set might not be one that you utilise in the lunch bag each day. But thanks to the funky design it will be one that finds its way to the dining table each night as well as kept in its handy storage pot within your bag when you are eating away from home.

A close up of a toy

Time for lunch

In preparation for preschool we’ve been enjoying packed lunches at home on the days she isn’t at the nursery. The only problem we have now is that she thinks that it’s fun to have her lunch in different places around the house. Her current favourite spot is by the front door. As we have a large glass door she can watch the world go by whilst she tucks into her lunch.

A little boy that is sitting on a table

TUM TUM are currently offering a 3 for 2 offer a range of back to school products, including all the items that we have been utilising for Piglet – Visit www.tumtumtots.com to check out the offer

Win a TUM TUM Children’s Lunch Bag Bundle (Bluebell design)

To get your little one ready for preschool, nursery or starting school, Boo Roo and Tigger Too have a TUM TUM Children’s Lunch Bag Bundle to giveaway.

Prize: TUM TUM Children’s Lunch Bag Bundle (Bluebell design)

To enter head over to our Instagram page (click the photo below) and follow the entry details included on the photo.


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