What can you do in Old School Runescape if you are a beginner

What can you do in Old School Runescape if you are a beginner

May 25, 2023


Old school RuneScape is one of the most well-known long-livers in the gaming industry.

The project has been developed and supported by developers since 2008, constantly keeping in touch with their audience and, in fact, releasing updates based on their wishes and recommendations, offering their own ideas, of course.

The project is based on an interesting system of pumping all kinds of activities and skills through their direct use. A similar scheme can be found in the popular series of games – Elder Scrolls.

Beginning of the game

You will start your gaming journey on a training island, where you will be taught literally everything a beginner needs to know about the project.

You will be taught how to move around the map, interact with resources and items, take tasks and complete them correctly. To pump skills and abilities, how to collect resources correctly and where they are best used. Gradually you will reach the raid activity, but before that, you will have to wait.

Upon completion of the training, you will be moved to the game location to start your adventure.

An important role in such projects is played by gold, as a single tool for the interaction of players between themselves and NPCs. You can buy better weapons instead of waiting for the accumulation of resources for crafting and greatly speed up your adventure. To do this, you can simply buy cheap osrs gold from the Skycoach service. This is a professional service that helps beginners and experienced players get used to the game project better and provides services for the sale of gold, pumping, training, and assistance in completing the raid in all known and popular MMO RPGs

What can you do in Old School Runescape if you are a beginner

First steps

In Old School RuneScape, the player is presented to himself and has complete freedom of action, unlike most projects that force players to go through the main story quests to understand the game mechanics and the general history of the project, thereby pumping the player to the first important levels with the study of skills.

The first thing that may seem strange to you is that all tasks have fairly simple conditions for completion, but you will not find any details in the journal, except for general information about what needs to be done or which particular NPC to find. You will need to pump up your mindfulness, remember the approximate locations of the NPCs and follow their recommendations, guided by logic and your map.

Of the interesting things in the OSRS – quests that may seem short and simple at first glance will actually turn out to be more complicated and long and will turn your idea of the task upside down.

Fortunately, the project has been around for a long time and there is a lot of information on walkthroughs, recommendations and just tips on the Fandom, Wiki and other auxiliary resources.

During interactions with NPCs, you can even choose answer options that will have little effect on the progress of the entire task but can bring a good dose of humour to the passage.

One of the funniest quests to find in the world of Old School RuneScape is the security check of an account. You will be asked questions that are actually obvious things and for the correct answers, you will receive bright and colourful shoes.

Basic skills and activities

In Old School RuneScape, the main levelling of all skills and professions is carried out through their constant use, that is, only what you really use in battle and during the hunt develops.

Do not worry about the limits on the study – you can literally master all the activities, professions and specialities in the OSRS, regardless of your level and orientation of the character.

You can also develop various useful skills just by interacting with them. Chop trees to collect logs to light a fire and increase the level of regeneration of the main parameters and gain an increase in the level of strength.

The more often you chop down trees, the faster you will learn how to do it and get more logs that burn longer and make the fire more powerful and useful.

The same principle works for other areas of activity available in the Old School RuneScape, you can do:

  • Wood collection
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • cooking
  • Mining
  • Blacksmith craft
What can you do in Old School Runescape if you are a beginner

Wood collection

Allows you to chop down trees with an axe for harvesting logs for future campfires in the field, or selling to other players who are too lazy to do this, but need to enhance the characteristics. Trees can be found in most locations, but if you’re collecting wood for storage or for sale, it’s best to do it close to town to avoid long runs when you run out of inventory space. While hunting and making fires, of course, you will chop and use trees right on the spot, not really bothering with the position – just make sure not to rest at the place of spawning of monsters to avoid unnecessary fights.


Take a fishing rod and go fishing, for each species caught, you will gain experience and speed up the casting process and the period of time from the start of fishing to the catch of the first fish. Caught fish can be used to prepare dishes that will increase the stats and buff all characters who try them.


Exterminate animals for meat, experience, skins and other potential rewards. You can hunt from any type of weapon, but it is better to use long-range types of attacks for safe hunting without risking health and receiving negative effects. Hunting will become much easier if you keep a close eye on the monsters and read about their strengths and weaknesses.

You can find enemies that are resistant to sword attacks, but weak to damage from an axe – this means that armed with a certain weapon, you will deal much more damage to this type of target, which means you will speed up your levelling, increase the amount of experience and trophies, and most importantly, you will spend less useful items because you will quickly deal with the enemy.


Use fish and meat to prepare various dishes that will enhance the main characteristics of the hero and all the characters who try him for a period, depending on the skills of the cook. Each new dish trains the character and leads to an increase in the level of skills.


The main skill required to mine rocks and process ores to turn them into ingots to be used in blacksmithing, a profession that creates a large number of weapons, armour and useful items.

Blacksmith craft

Blacksmithing is one of the most important and sought-after professions in any online game, and Old School RuneScape is no exception. It allows you to work with ore and other consumables to create weapons – swords, axes, knives. Armour – steel, heavy, shields and helmets, various tools.

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