A person in a boat on a body of water

Is It Time For A Different Fishing Rod?

February 20, 2018

Picking the right fishing rod is an important and often overlooked issue in successful fishing. Just placing bait in the precise place, without scaring the fish, can have a massive effect on whether or not you’re getting enough if any, bites. If you will use the incorrect fishing rod, you may not be able to cast the rod as accurately or as far as you would like to. But, use the correct rod, and you could land a cast easily and work the bait the way it is supposed to, producing more bites, more catches and loads more fun.

A person in a boat on a body of water

Is It Time For A Different Fishing Rod?

Here are a few signs you’re using the wrong rod…


A slackline, in the fishing world, is the enemy. If you can’t maintain a tight line and bend in the rod pretty much at all times, you could lose a hooked fish. A slackline could mean you’re out of touch with what the hooked fish could be doing, too, which leads to break-offs or tangles. It could also be a sign that you’re using the wrong rod for your purposes.

Hook/Line Connection

Things like the line quality and even hook sharpness don’t count if the connection between the hook and line are bad. While a poorly tied knot will quickly fail, you may be losing fish because the rod you’re using isn’t conducive to the knots needed for the type of fishing you’re doing.

So, if you’re battling to catch fish, isn’t it time you considered choosing a new rod? There is a selection of fly fishing rods on offer, but here’s how to pick the right one.

How to Choose the Right Fishing Rod

  • Length – Rods can be as short as 4 feet and as massive as 14 feet. Shorter rods, quite obviously, cast shorter distances where longer rods will cast a longer distance out. So, shorter rods work well for fishing in closer battle when you don’t need to reach very far. It also means less bend when fighting a fish.
  • The Material – Typically, rods are made from fibreglass, graphite or a mixture of both. Graphite rods tend to be stiffer and lighter but break easier. They’re good for detecting light bites, though. Fibreglass rods may be heavier, but they offer greater flexibility and are almost unbreakable.
  • The Power – This is how much bend there is to the fishing rod. A rod that has more power bends easier. The right combination of action and power is important for bait to work properly. It is less likely for the rod to bend when the fishing rod has more power.
  • The Action – This is the section on the fishing rod where it bends. A slow action rod bends closer to the butt and a fast action rod bends closer to the tip. Lighter action lets you feel more in the fight, and faster action rods are good for baits that have a single hook which requires a harder hookset.
  • The Handle – Rod handles are usually made from foam, cork, or a combination of the two. The handle is a personal preference for fishermen. You can also pick between a shorter or longer handle. This would usually depend on the distance you plan to cast.

If you’ve not had much luck with your rod lately, it may be time to choose a new one.

Contributed by Katrina Fernandez

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