New Years Activities for Kids

New Years Activities for Kids

December 18, 2023

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At the end of every year is an opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and look ahead. New Year’s Eve is an event not just for adults but for all ages to create lasting memories together as families. Our DIY crafts for all the family to games will ensure you have an amazing New Year’s Eve and Day celebration!

New Years Crafts

New Year’s crafts can allow kids to express themselves creatively as they welcome in a brand new year. Here are a few creative projects you could try for New Year’s:

  • Paper Plate Shakers: Give your kids an exciting craft project this New Year’s Eve: make their own noisemakers by placing dried beans or rice between two paper plates decorated with paint or stickers, then shaking their shakers when midnight strikes for an enjoyable and noisy celebration!
  • Party Hats: Provide plain party hats and allow children to customise them with glitter, markers, and stickers for an exciting New Year’s Eve party accessory!
  • Create Your Own DIY Photo Booth: Arrange an inexpensive homemade photo booth featuring props like hats, glasses, and feather boas to make memorable photographs with kids taking silly poses as memories from this special event are created and kept forever. Give them cameras or smartphones for taking photographs as children document this unforgettable memory from childhood!
  • Photo Booth Props: Add some fun and sparkle to your New Year’s Eve photos by setting up a photo booth using DIY props such as glittery hats, hilarious glasses or moustaches on sticks – these will add an element of surprise!
  • New Year’s Resolutions: Encourage older kids to write out and seal in an envelope their New Year’s resolutions so they can open it next year to see if they achieved them.
  • Resolution Jars: Make this year different by decorating and labelling a glass jar as “Resolutions.” Challenge friends and family to write down their goals and aspirations for the coming year and add them to the jar. Revisit these resolutions throughout the year in order to stay motivated!
New Years Activities for Kids
  • Construction Paper Countdown Chain: Create a countdown chain by cutting strips of coloured construction paper. Write fun activities or things you look forward to in the new year on each strip and tear one off daily, so the whole family can participate together.
  • Paper Lanterns: Craft beautiful paper lanterns featuring messages of hope and inspiration written on them to symbolize your hopes for the new year as you release them into the night sky. Witness as your desires for 2024 take flight!
  • Create a Colourful Countdown Clock: For an engaging timepiece to mark down each second until midnight, craft an eye-catching countdown clock using paper plates, cardboard and colourful markers to countdown until midnight.
  • Homemade Confetti: Create eco-friendly, homemade confetti by cutting colourful paper into tiny pieces. Doing this adds an individual and personal touch to your celebrations, plus it saves money.
  • Confetti Poppers: Create your own confetti poppers this New Year’s Eve using empty toilet paper rolls and tissue paper. Fill each with colourful confetti before popping it at midnight to welcome the new year in style.
  • Handmade Party Hats: Customise handmade party hats with glitter, sequins and ribbons to make everyone feel special at your next get-together. Additionally, personalise each guest’s name for an added special touch!
  • Festive Banners: Create festive banners featuring messages such as, “Happy New Year!” or “Cheers to 2024!” and hang them around your home to create a festive atmosphere.
New Years Activities for Kids
  • Create Sparkling Centrepieces: Make glittery centrepieces using glass vases, fairy lights, metallic and glittery accents as well as seasonal flowers or ornaments for an eye-catching effect. Fill vases with seasonal blooms or fun ornaments for an opulent aesthetic.
  • Create a Vision Board: Make an inspiring vision board to remind yourself of your goals for 2024. Collate images and quotes that represent them on an inspirational board to keep yourself on track for 2024. Display it prominently.
  • Wishing Tree: Create an exquisite celebration by decorating a small tree with paper tags and ribbons, asking your guests to write down their New Year’s wishes, and then hanging them from the branches. It is an engaging way for all involved to express hopes and dreams together!
  • Firework Art: Make unique firework art using watercolour or acrylic paints and turn your artistic talents towards creating fireworks-themed paintings for decorations or as gifts to loved ones as a symbol of new beginnings.

New Years Activities for Kids

Launch into the new year creatively by engaging your child in these New Year’s activities for kids:

New Years Activities for Kids
  • Fun Games: Games are an effective way of keeping children occupied while waiting for the ball drop. Consider these engaging ideas:
  • New Year’s Eve Bingo: Make bingo cards featuring New Year-themed images or words and play a game of bingo with family.
  • Balloon Drop: Fill a large garbage bag with balloons and hang it from the ceiling. At midnight, allow children to burst open the bag and enjoy watching a cascade of colourful balloons descend upon them!
  • Dance Party: Blast the music and start the year off right by having a dance party in your living room! Dancing is an awesome way to welcome in 2024 with energy and enthusiasm!
  • Board Games: Round up your family for classic board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble or Twister to have family bonding fun around a board table! Board games provide an effective way for all generations to unify under one common cause and form memories together.
  • DIY Party Hats: Set out plain party hats with stickers, markers and glitter, then allow the children to decorate them as part of a creative activity to keep them engaged while adding a personalised accessory for New Year’s Eve countdown festivities. This engaging activity keeps children busy and gives them something fun to add a personalised touch!
New Years Activities for Kids
  • New Year’s Scavenger Hunt: Create a fun New Year’s Eve themed scavenger hunt featuring clues related to New Year’s Eve as well as surprises or treats at each stop, where kids can work in teams or individually to follow these clues and find any treasures hiding amongst the clues!
  • Glow Stick Extravaganza: Give kids glow sticks to create their own glowing masterpieces using them, such as necklaces or even drawings that glow in the dark! They can use these glow sticks to craft necklaces, bracelets, or drawings of various sizes that glow under black light.
  • Pom Pom Poppers: Create fun pom pom poppers using empty toilet paper rolls by loading them up with colourful pom poms and launching them for hours of entertainment!
  • Time Capsule: Create a family time capsule by having each member write an open letter to themselves in five years’ time, including drawings, photos and any mementoes that represent this year’s past. Seal and promise to open it the following year.
  • Outdoor Fun: If your holiday destination features mild climate conditions, try these outdoor activities:
  • Ice Skating: Many cities have outdoor ice skating rinks during the holiday season, offering families an enjoyable icy adventure! Take your children along for an exhilarating adventure on the ice!
New Years Activities for Kids
  • Noon New Year’s Eve: For younger children who may not make it until midnight, consider hosting a “Noon Year’s Eve” party instead! Include a countdown clock, party poppers and an unforgettable treat as part of your festivities.
  • Fireworks: Before lighting off fireworks to welcome in 2024, check local regulations and safety standards, if allowed, then enjoy.
  • Free Printables: There are numerous New Year’s printables available online for free, from colouring pages and activity sheets, to Red Ted Art’s and Pink Stripey Sock’s wide array of creative printables that can keep children busy for hours! These websites can keep kids occupied.
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: Your New Year’s celebration doesn’t need to break the bank if you want it to be memorable for both you and your children. Visit your local dollar store for affordable decorations, party poppers, and other festive items; or repurpose Christmas ornaments and trees from last year for added holiday magic at New Year’s.
New Years Activities for Kids

New Year’s Eve and Day provide an incredible opportunity for families and kids alike to come together, reflect on the past year, and look ahead with anticipation to all that the coming year holds. New Year’s activities for kids provide the ideal way to mark this special occasion in an enjoyable manner – whether crafting crafts, playing games, or enjoying outdoor activities the goal should always be to spend quality time as a family creating memories as we celebrate this eventful start of another new year!

Get out your party hats, balloons, and creative ideas and plan an amazing New Year’s celebration together!

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