Get the Right Types of Theater Curtains

Get the Right Types of Theater Curtains

December 19, 2023


There are some items that people have come to associate with the theater: the stage, the mezzanine seats and the expansive lighting systems. Curtains also play an essential part in every production, even if they don’t get the same attention. From concealing the stage to creating backdrops, theater curtains can help move a play or production along and support the story. Check out the different kinds of stage curtains you may need for your theater.

Common Types of Theater Curtains

Just like you have a mix of drapes, valances and sheer curtains in your home, a theater may need more than one kind of curtain. Here are a few of the common types that a company like Rose Brand can help you find.

Get the Right Types of Theater Curtains

Proscenium Curtains

Proscenium curtains are the most recognizable type of theater curtains. They hang at the front of the stage and open and close to reveal the show. These curtains are made of heavy, opaque fabrics, often velvet or velour. You can add tassels or fringe or embroider the theater name on them. Once the curtains are moved to reveal the show, they can still be used to frame the stage or make the set feel smaller when a scene calls for it.

Masking Curtains

When you want to keep the backstage area hidden from the audience, consider using masking curtains. These hang near the sides of the stage so the public can’t see the spaces on the sides of the set. They are also useful for hiding equipment such as lighting boards or props that will be used in later scenes. Often, masking curtains are made with velvet, velour or muslin. Curtains can also deaden sound so the audience doesn’t hear crew members from backstage.


Not all sets have painted or specially built backgrounds for the stage. In those instances, backdrop curtains can be used instead. You can get them made with scenery or images on them for a specific play or you can get a solid color that can be used for multiple productions. Muslin and gauze are often used as the fabric for a backdrop.

Get the Right Types of Theater Curtains

Other Types of Theater Curtains

While those are the most common options, you may find you’ll need a few other styles to complete your theater:

  • Tab curtains: Tab curtains are small and lightweight. They are used to create borders or to mask offstage areas.
  • Cyclorama curtains: Cyclorama curtains are large and curved curtains and can help create a seamless backdrop for the performance.
  • Scrim curtains: Scrim curtains are thin, translucent curtains that can be used to create special effects.

Most theaters will find a need for all of these curtains and more, so it’s a good idea to take some time to evaluate your theater setup to see where you may need more coverage.

Get the Theater Curtains You Need

A night at the theater is a magical experience for audiences, especially when the stage is designed thoughtfully. By getting the right types of curtains, you can control what your audience sees, pulling them into the story while hiding areas that aren’t for their eyes. 

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