Eco-friendly summer activity ideas

August 2, 2020

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities. There are some recreational activities that more eco-friendly than others. Here’s a “going green” guide for families.

It’s fun and healthy to spend some time as a family outdoors, and there’s no better season for it than the summertime. For a household that is looking to be eco-friendly, it’s important to stay environmentally aware even when it’s nice outside. All it takes to have green summer fun is some minor changes to these fun activities.

Canoeing, Kayaking, Row Boating

Instead of renting a motorboat this summer, why not opt for a non-polluting water activity? Canoeing and kayaking are fun in groups or solo. A rowboat is an environmentally-safe option for fishing outings.

Eco-friendly summer activity ideas


Picnics are a fun way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, using plastic or Styrofoam dishware and utensils for an outside meal can be wasteful. Instead, find biodegradable utensils and picnic dishes or bamboo reusable picnicware. Bring along cloth napkins in place of paper, and clean up with biodegradable, durable garbage bags.


Camping is a classic summer activity for the outdoors-loving family, but sleeping under the stars can take its toll on the environment. Here are some tips on staying eco-friendly when camping:

  • Use biodegradable soap for bathing and washing dishes. A number of companies offer vegetable-based, biodegradable cleaning products designed specifically for campers.
  • Leave nothing behind. Make sure to utilize public garbage bins if they are provided, and bring home any glass or plastic to be recycled. If on an extended camping expedition, bring along a collapsible garbage bag holder (found on to catch trash items.
  • Campfires are generally not good for the environment, but if the trip just isn’t complete without one, ensure that it is being done responsibly. Pay close attention to local rules and regulations regarding campfires, only build fires in a contained space with no trees or brush close by, and do not burn plastic materials.
Eco-friendly summer activity ideas


To see the sights while on vacation, opt for a bike rental instead of renting a car or a tour bus. Try searching for bike rental companies in a specific city online to see what the options are ahead of time.

Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing

A summer water sport for bigger kids and adults to try is kiteboarding. This activity, in which a surfboard is propelled over the surface of the water with the energy from a controllable kite, keeps the air free of motorboat emissions.

A few adjustments can make a favourite family activity greener without changing an entire summer routine.

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