A close up of a bunch of stuffed animals

Christmas Traditions // Harrods Teddy Bear

November 30, 2017

It’s funny how things become a tradition. It can be a simple gesture or something that you aspire to do and before you know it has become a tradition. Something you want to continue year after year, or for each new child that you welcome into your family. This is the story of how a Harrods Teddy Bear became one of our Christmas Traditions…

A group of teddy bears sitting on top of a table

Just before Roo’s second birthday Mr. Boo and I managed to escape to London for the weekend childfree. Whilst taking in the sights we took a trip over to Harrods. The purpose of the visit was for two specific items (other than marvelling at the gorgeous handbags and luxury gifts). A Harrods teddy bear for Roo – wanting to add that extra special teddy bear to her life. The other purchase? Cake. After hearing how fantastic their cake selection is from friends, we had to try them out for ourselves. Truly amazing!

Wanting to carry on the tradition of a Harrods bear for Tigger. We made a visit in the autumn before he was born. I browsed display after display of beautiful bears, each with their own qualities. However, I was unable to find one that really jumped out at me. It was as we were getting ready admit defeat that we spotted the perfect bear for him. Sitting in the Christmas Shop was a little reindeer. There was something about this small but perfectly formed reindeer that caught my eye. Although reindeer graced his cot whilst he was tiny it was as he became a toddler that reindeer became his sidekick. Gaining pride of place in his bed each evening. Attending family days out and holidays – although we did have an incident when we lost reindeer for a night, thankfully some kind stranger found him and handed him into the reception.

A close up of a bunch of stuffed animals

With Christmas approaching it is time for Piglet to welcome her very own Harrods bear into her world. Introducing Bertie, this year’s Harrods Christmas Bear. Take a look at his beautiful gold fur, cozy arms perfect for giving reassuring cuddles whenever required. Smartly dressed in a zip-up Christmas red and tartan hooded jacket – finished off with bright white fur. At 31cm he is the biggest of the Harrods Teddy Bears which is ironic given that Piglet is by far the smallest of all three children at the same age. She is, however, a snuggly toddler, opting to surround herself with blankets and anything cuddly. Which is why when I saw Bertie I knew that he was the perfect companion for her.

A teddy bear sitting on top of a pile of stuffed animals

With our baby days behind us, I’m thinking that it may be Mr. Boo and I should try to find our own special Harrods Teddy Bear. We can then host teddy bears picnics with the children, allow the children to look after them if one of us is away overnight. Plus line them all up in front of the Christmas tree each Christmas Eve ready for Santa’s arrival so that they can tell the big man that we have been good all year-long.

Do your children have a special teddy bear in their lives?

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