Mummy… It’s just so sad!

Today was they day I’ve been dreading for two weeks, today was they day my mum moved back home, today was the day my little girls heart was broken…

After the packing, charity shop runs, dumping the rubbish, moving day arrived. I took today off work to help my mum load up the van (which turned out to be smaller than we thought and after much rearranging of the boxes managed to get it all in apart from to side tables).

Granny came with me to collect Roo from school and Tigger from nursery before heading back to her house for one last time. Everything was OK until she put the car harness on Gwen (her border collie) and Roo asked if we were taking her to our house. I explained that Gwen was going with Granny to her new house and the tears started to fall. Which meant that I too started to cry, I’m terrible I can’t see anyone cry without joining in myself.

We tried our best to explain that Granny was moving to a bigger house and the we could go for holidays but she was heart broken. Then she said the words that will stay with me for a long time…

‘Mummy… It’s just so sad!’

After loading the kiddies into the car, came my turn to say goodbye. Now I am one of those people that say goodbye as though I’m never going to see that person again. For the years that my parents lived up north and I would go visit on the train, saying goodbye at the train station was horrible, I was convinced that I would never see them again (this is probably why Roo is so dramatic).

Anyway, my mum, the children’s Granny has gone, moved onto a new (hopefully happier) chapter in her life and once she is settle we will visit but until then we have to wait until our hearts are mended once more.


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