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How do I tell you that I miss you?

March 6, 2016

So today was Mother’s Day, a day that is always bittersweet for me. Whilst it is lovely to spend the day with my children, the day passes with a little black cloud following me.

That black cloud is there as I watch the proud look on my children’s faces as I open their cards, written with such love. It is there as we go out for lunch as a family, laughing and enjoying our time together. It is there as we meet up with Mr Boo’s family to celebrate the special day with them, enjoying tea, cake and cuddles.

That black cloud following me is the thought, the sadness and the anger that my mum is missing out. Living 300 miles away she isn’t here to celebrate the day as a family  There is no handing over of cards and presents. There is no tea and cake to be enjoyed. There is no opportunity to say thank you and that I love you.

How do I tell her that I wish she lived closer?

How do I tell her that she is missing out on so much of mine and my children’s life?

How do I tell her I miss her?

Instead of bringing up the distance between us I send my ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ text, shed a tear and hope that one day I’ll be brave enough to talk to her about how I feel.

Mum, I miss you

  • Sarah Christie March 14, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    My Mum lives far away too and it is so hard isn’t it? Although you do get used to it, its those little shopping trips and afternoon teas I miss x

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