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Time-Saving Hacks for Your Morning Cup of Coffee

February 28, 2020

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Lots of parents would agree that it takes a strong, flavorful, rich cup of coffee to get through the gruelling morning routine. It’s the one thing that gets your mind focused and your energy pumping to handle whatever may come your way. Yet, from the time the kids wake up in the morning until you’ve dropped them off at school, it’s a race against the clock. That means, getting a decent cup of coffee gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list leaving you high-strung and drained before your day even starts. 

Though there’s no foolproof way to reduce the craziness of mornings in your household (because it’s just life), there is a way to make sure you get that morning cup of joe before things kick off. Check out these time-saving hacks to help you make a cup of coffee despite your chaotic mornings. 

Coffee Time-Saving Hacks

A close up of a coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden table, with Mug and Coffee bean

Coffee Subscriptions

Having fresh coffee beans in stock is essential to making your morning fix. However, getting to the grocery store before or after work seems like a mission impossible with all you have going on. Now you can purchase a coffee subscription online and have your favourite roasts shipped right to you. From Colombe to Caffe Vita coffee, you can find a number of major and independent coffee brands and flavours to choose from. They can be auto-shipped to your home so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. 

Make Coffee in Batches

Though coffee can lose flavour over time and tastes horrible when you reheat it. If you’re a lover of cold or iced coffee you can make your coffee in batches and save time. The night before, make a large batch of coffee and place it in the fridge to chill. Save some of the coffee to make ice cubes to help maintain the flavour. The next morning, simply add the ice to your favourite coffee cup and pour the cold mixture over the ice for a refreshing drink in just a few seconds. 

A close up of a coffee cup sitting on a table, with Mug and Coffee bean

Prep in Advance

Another way to shave some time off your coffee-making process is to prep in advance. You can add the coffee grounds and filter to the coffee pot the night before if you’re using a pour-over method or French press, you can make sure the brewer, coffee beans, grinder, water filter, and gooseneck kettle are all cleaned and ready for use the next morning. If you have a smart coffeemaker, there’s always the option to program the machine to make coffee at the same time each morning. 


If you prefer a slower coffee brewing process like pour-over, you can still make a cup of coffee while saving some time. It will require a skill that all parents have – multitasking. Start the kettle and allow the water to get piping hot. First, set up everything you’ll need to make your cup of coffee including a mug, the brewer, filter, and water.

Next, while the kettle is on, you can start making lunches for your kids or head upstairs and get dressed. Once the water is hot enough, start the pour-over method to make your coffee. Add your milk, cream, sugar, or syrup. While drinking your coffee, you could be reviewing homework, signing permission slips or talking with the kids while they eat. 

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Get a Good Travel Mug

If you can’t get your coffee down in peace when you wake up, there’s always the option to drink it on the go. To save yourself some time in the morning, prepare your coffee and place it in a travel mug. When selecting a mug, remember all are not created equally. The idea is to keep the coffee at a hot temperature so that it doesn’t develop an acidic taste. So, look for a mug that is properly insulated and keeps the coffee at an ideal temperature for the longest duration of time. 

There aren’t many beverages you can drink and feel super enough to conquer the craziness at the start of your day. If coffee happens to be your drink of choice, don’t let a thing like time keep you from getting your daily dose of caffeine. With these time-saving tips provided above, you can have your cup of coffee and start your day off right. 

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