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How to Help Your Child Feel Motivated with homework

October 31, 2019

A lot of times, parents complain about how their children are disinterested in homework, and it can honestly be extremely frustrating, especially when they know that their child has a lot of potential to do well. If that sounds like something you’re going through, here’s a bit of help.

Read on to discover how you, as a parent, can help your child feel motivated to get on with his schoolwork.

Motivate your child to complete homework

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Quit Being Pushy

More often than not, it is you, being excessively pushy and nothing less than obsessed with your child performing well at school that has the exact opposite effect and makes him less interested in actually putting in any effort at all. As a parent, you might have your concerns, and you might be worried about how his school performance may affect his future, and all of that is absolutely okay but as tough as it might seem, you have to be a bit easy on yourself and your child. Don’t obsess over scores and test results, and certainly don’t resort to nagging.

Have the Right Atmosphere

The simplest and easiest way to get your child more interested in learning is to have the right atmosphere at home. Bring in some good books that get your child’s interested and encourage them to be involved in activities and games that get them to learn new things. Be a passionate learner yourself – your child learns a lot more from you than you can imagine. Also set a special spot for him in the house where he can study, undisturbed.

In fact, if you’re up for it, you can also host study sessions at your home where you could invite his friends and have them all study together and keep it effortless.

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Be More Involved

Being too much involved, or hardly bothered with your child’s performance at school are both equally damaging. Find the middle ground and make sure you ask your child about his progress at school and be in touch with his academic activities. Try to make it a casual conversation rather than anything else- remember, a conversation is better than an interrogation.

Stay in touch with their teachers at school to keep a record of how things are going there.

Set the Right Balance

Remember that growing children hate being controlled, so make sure you have the right balance of both at home. Offer your child some control over some aspects of his schoolwork- such as which subject he wants to study first, and which chapters he wants to cover on which days etc, but be firm in your rules about homework and study sessions at home. Balance school work and playtime and try to keep things as enjoyable and light as possible instead of stressful – that’ll make it feel less like a task.

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