Monthly Goals January

Monthly Goals | January 2021

December 30, 2020

It’s almost time to say farewell to 2020, the year I’m sure we’ll all remember for some time. Whilst it is easy to think about the negatives from the year, it is the positives, however big or small that maybe we should be focusing on. One of the reasons I opted to record my monthly goals throughout the year. Giving me something to focus on and a little kick up the backside too.

How did I get on with last months goals?

As the month draws to a close it wasn’t the month I originally thought I’d have. With an unexpected work contract at a supermarket seeing me back in the workplace after a long time working from home.

Work/life balance

When I set this goal I thought I would be looking at how I manage my time on my blog and social media accounts around my family and everyday life. However, this month threw in the addition of a festive contract that has been extended by three months. Meaning that I need to be more on top of my work/life balance. To aid this I have ensured that our family Google calendar is up to date with work shifts, children’s commitments etc.

Family Christmas

Whilst many were upset to hear the news about the updated COVID-19 restrictions regarding Christmas bubbles. We were unaffected as we had not arranged anything with family and friends. With distance, vulnerable health conditions and good old family politics all coming into play. It meant that the five of us were able to enjoy a relatively quiet family Christmas together. The children were happy with their gifts whilst What The Dad and I were pleased to have two days off together, having worked all the way up to Christmas Eve.

Switching off

The original plan to switch off ahead of Christmas went ahead, however, this happened earlier than planned due to working nine-hour shifts. Luckily I had managed to schedule a few posts ahead of time which has given me some respite. I do, however, have a list of outstanding tasks and emails that will have to wait until the first week of January.

Monthly Goals - January 2021

My plans and goals for January

The start of a New Year offers us so many choices, a chance at a clean slate, a new start, a new chapter. Although the same could be said for any month, it is as ever all in the way you view things. As the New Year bells prepare to chime I am once again thinking about the bigger picture, what I want from life and what steps I can take to achieve those things. Now it’s time to break this down into monthly goals to make things more manageable.


The posts and articles that I feature on my blog are a mixture of things planned in advanced and ones that are created there and the. In order to free up my time to feature more off the cuff posts and balance my work shifts I hope to get my planned content scheduled a few weeks in advance. Although I have had issues with things not publishing as planned so I need to take a look at my host dashboard to find a fix for this.

Time for us

The hectic life as family and working patterns have left me feeling as though What The Dad Said and I are sometimes hips that pass in the night. I’m hoping that we can take some time for us this coming month and the months following. Be it a cheeky lunch date whilst the children are at school or snuggling on the sofa to watch a film together.

Updating our bedroom

Earlier in the year, we gave Roo a teen bedroom makeover. As I purchased the paint for her I also bought the paint for our bedroom. However, I’ve never quite often around to painting over the orange feature wall that we’ve never changed since we moved in over four years ago. With all the children’s bedrooms updated it’s about time that we updated our bedroom at long last. I need to order some frames for some prints I ordered a while back to hang above our bed.

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