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Mommy & Me Matching Outfits: A Fun Way to Enjoy Fashion with Your Tween

December 27, 2022


Seeing a mother and daughter wearing matching outfits is one of the cutest things you can lay your eyes on. You can feel how proud the daughter thinks because she’s matching with her mom and how strong their bond is. 

A matching mom-daughter outfit will look good whether you’re simply going grocery shopping with your kid or going to take some memorable family portraits. You can never go wrong with a mommy-daughter match! The good news is there are many ways to do so without having to buy the exact same outfit. 

How to Create Mommy & Me Matching Outfits

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Matching outfits

The simplest way to match with your daughter is to actually buy matching outfits. It is the easiest way because you already purchase the matching sets together, and don’t have to worry about finding pieces in your wardrobe that match hers. There are some stores that sell mother-and-daughter matching fits: outfits from Hayden Girls are your go-to choice. 

However, if you don’t prefer wearing perfectly matched outfits with your daughter, there is no problem because there are many ways to do so without having to buy something new.


You don’t have to look perfectly coordinated to achieve the cute mom-and-daughter look. In fact, you can match by wearing complementary patterns. For example, each one of you can wear polka dots but in different colors or sizes. 

Or you can even mix and match between patterns such as plaid and chevron. But in the case of wearing different patterns, you should focus on choosing colors and garments that are similar to each other to avoid looking completely mismatched. 


Of course, you saw that one coming. What’s a better and easier way to match outfits than with colors? Matching outfits according to a color scheme is one of the best ways to match, not to mention how cute it is. Imagine seeing a mother and her daughter walking in matching pastel colors. 

You can also wear outfits that are the same color but are a bit different. Think of wearing outfits that are a different style, but maybe the mom is wearing jeans and a top and the daughter is wearing a denim skirt and a top. Same color, and different styles, and you can even experiment with different garments. You can choose colors that match one another (they’ll be adjacent on the color wheel) to make your outfits look similar without walking around in the exact same color. 

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The power of accessories and how they can totally transform an outfit. This is not only true for adults, but also for kids. Count the number of times you have seen a kid wearing a bow headband and didn’t notice the whole outfit because this cute accessory totally caught your eye. 

If you love accessories, make sure that you buy some for your kids to have all the fun together. You can both wear matching hats for instance, and even matching socks. Try wearing the same scarves. 

However, if your kid is still too young and struggles to keep accessories on, or doesn’t find them comfortable, you can match your accessories with their outfit. For instance, if they are wearing a blue dress, you can wear a blue scarf over your outfit that is the exact shade of blue. It won’t look perfectly coordinated of course, but it will help make your outfits look tied together.


If you want to wear matching outfits with your kid without having to buy anything new, then it’s time to put those basics to work. This tip is one of the best ones because it is so easy, inexpensive, and suitable for last-minute plans when you don’t have any idea how to match outfits. 

So, do some digging in both of your wardrobes to find pieces of clothing that match. For instance, you will find white/black t-shirts with denim bottoms (even if you’re wearing denim pants and she is wearing a denim skirt, they will still look coordinated). 

Matching sets

If you want to put more effort into this, you can search for sets that are made for moms and their kids. There are even ones with great jokes if you’re looking to add some sense of humor to them. You can find t-shirts that aren’t exactly the same but have graphics that go together or even some cute quotes. You can even buy t-shirts for the whole family that goes together.

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