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Top Tips for Avoiding Underwear Lines (VPL)

March 30, 2023


Underwear lines in your clothing can make you feel frumpy, and take away from the style of your outfit. For some women, these could even lead them to feel bad about themselves, especially if the lines, combined with tighter clothing, create bulges. This may mean that you need to rethink the way you dress yourself, and potentially buy new items should your existing ones be mismatched or too snug. Paying more attention to both your attire and accessories could help you to avoid VPL in the future.

Ways you can avoid Underwear Lines

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A change of underwear

Some people find themselves wearing the same old, stained, or worn-out underwear over and over again, under the pretence that it still does its job. While you may, theoretically, still be able to put the garment on, it might actually have outstayed its welcome in your life. You may want to consider buying some new seamless underwear that better fits the current shape of your body. These could work not only with your more casual outfits or workwear, but also be great for when you dress up for a date or night on the town.

Learn to accessorize 

You might enjoy putting your outfits together with some level of care and dedication. For many women, this involves the accessories they choose to match different types of clothing. Should you want to wear a specific pair of underwear, and a dress, skirt, or pair of pants, you might need to get a little bit creative with your accessorizing.

This may be especially important if you notice underwear lines showing through. Rather than worrying about it, particularly if you don’t have long before you have to go out, you could instead opt to cover up the issue with a statement belt. Although this may have been a big trend in the early 2000s, statement belts seem to frequently come in and out of fashion. Keeping a few in your closet could allow you to use them, if needed, to cover up those dreaded lines, as well as to put together some chic style.

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Ignore the numbers

When shopping for new clothes, there may be a certain size that you want to fit into. However, clothing sizes can vary depending on the time period, as well as the store you choose to shop in. Even some items of the same brand could vary in how they fit on your body. Due to this, you might want to start ignoring the sizing of the clothes you try on and focus on how they look and feel on your body. This could even contribute towards you looking better, feeling more comfortable, and reducing the likelihood of underwear lines showing through. 

Underwear lines can sometimes ruin the effect of your outfit, and even make you feel self-conscious. There are a number of ways that you can hide them, or even get rid of them altogether. This can involve focussing on items that fit you properly, as well as those that can embellish your wardrobe.

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