6 Tips for Families Planning for Holiday Vacations

6 Tips for Families Planning for Holiday Vacations

November 22, 2022


As the world has lifted its travel restrictions, most parents are eager to compensate for the lost time by organizing exciting or leisurely travel excursions.

Perhaps, you might have come across the phrase: A family that travels together stays together.

While it is true, unfortunately, packing your bags and taking the entire family on vacation is no walk in the park. Even though it gets simpler the more you do it, travelling with kids always has its share of difficulties. 

You might even have countless unanswered questions every time you plan a family vacation, including how to keep your little one entertained throughout the trip. What if some unfortunate incident happens? And the list goes on.

No wonder family vacations may quickly go from idyllic to terrible. However, the best part is that a family vacation is undoubtedly full of joy and laughter and helps you bond strongly.

Although everything might not turn out perfectly, there are some tips you can incorporate to ensure your holiday is less stressful:

Vacation planning tips for families

6 Tips for Families Planning for Holiday Vacations

Book top attractions beforehand

Arriving without a plan and letting the moment lead you is part of the adventure. The issue with this approach to travel is that you have to consider your children’s and other family members’ comfort levels when you have them.

Therefore, make reservations for must-see attractions in advance to avoid last-minute annoyances for you and your family. Of course, waiting in line for hours with cranky children or reaching the destination only to find it’s closed is no fun. 

So, are you planning to visit Sevierville this holiday? The city offers several exciting tourist attraction spots. But, are you an ocean lover and wish to experience digital cinema? Then, look no further than the new Sevierville TN attraction, where you can immerse yourself in a breathtaking ocean journey. The stunning place allows you to interact with and get up close with various aquatic creatures, such as giant Humboldt squids, a life-sized 3D humpback whale, a sneaky thresher shark, lifelike dancing sea lions, etc.

Determine and stay within budget

The last thing you want during a family vacation is to run out of money. It would undeniably be a formula for disaster.

Therefore, set a budget by determining how much and on what you want to spend your hard-earned money on. Your budget must be family-friendly, allowing you to incorporate extra entertainment, souvenirs, and a few unplanned activities. Ensure other members are on board with your plans by involving them while establishing the budget.

Different tracking apps that keep an eye on your finances can assist you. So, ensure to have them downloaded on your phone.

Look for family-friendly accommodations

When travelling solo, some people are used to reaching the destination, exploring the place, and then looking for the right place to stay. Are you also in the same boat? Well, this practice might not work when travelling with kids.

To give the kids an opportunity to rest when you arrive in a new location, you should first head straight to your lodging and drop off the bags. It’s especially true if the travel time is lengthy. For this reason, it is crucial to reserve your accommodation in advance.

Simply put, when trying to keep your entire family happy and relaxed, whatever you can reserve in advance will reduce your stress.

However, when booking the place to stay, ensure it is family-friendly and has all the amenities you and your family desire.

Pack wisely

Ask any parent, and they will say that packing is even more challenging when going on holiday with kids. 

Undoubtedly, packing is a challenging feat. But the wiser you pack, the more enjoyable your vacation will be. Try to pack as lightly as you can, but don’t cut corners to the point where you find yourself frantically searching for shoes or winter socks while on vacation.

A better idea is to organize your list into three columns. Start by making a list of everything you’ll need. This list will include prescription medication, necessary papers, glasses, contact lenses, keys, and any other stuff you won’t be able to find there. Then, make a second list of everything you’ll need for the trip, including the kid’s favourite toy, food, entertainment, etc. After making a list, ensure you check everything before leaving.

6 Tips for Families Planning for Holiday Vacations

Secure your essentials

Imagine you and your family travelling eagerly to a faraway place for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday vacation. However, sadly, you or your child misplaced the travel paperwork. It will undoubtedly invoke unwanted stress, anxiety, and frustration. Therefore, keeping necessities close and secure is crucial for every family vacation.

Consider purchasing a small backpack or passport holder for yourself to store all of your travel documents. Moreover, make copies of everything, including tickets for public transportation, reservations, certifications, passport photocopies, and more, and upload them to Google Drive. Everyone will have copies of everything in this way. Doing so has the additional advantage that someone else could easily get a copy for you if, for some reason, you couldn’t access your data.

Downtime is a must

If there is one travel advice you must never overlook, it would be to slow down.

Don’t try to travel like you did when you travelled solo. Try not to stuff too many activities or sightseeing into one day because things have changed. You have your family with you now. 

Young toddlers and babies need naps every day. Older children might be able to strive through a long day, but they might not do it every day. Even grown-ups can become worn out if their days are full of activities. The entire family will be happy if downtime is planned because it keeps everyone rested and ready to explore.

It is relevant to note that not all downtime involves napping. Instead, downtime for your family could include going to a park, a stroll along the city’s river, watching a show, or an hour spent at the library reading books.


Sure, travelling with family may seem chaotic and taxing. But avoid procrastinating and get on the road and explore. The best way to open a child’s mind is through a unique experience, which travelling offers in abundance. To put it another way, everything you do, including your choices in food, travel, architecture, and the environment, will captivate and intrigue your kids.

Even if things might not go as you had hoped, your family will enjoy seeing the world. Before you know it, you’ll be planning your next vacation with family. All you need to do is make decisions wisely and prepare everything beforehand.

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