How Can You Make Your Home More Safe?

How Can You Make Your Home More Safe?

December 20, 2022


Research shows that most burglaries last between 90 seconds and 12 minutes and occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. While on vacation, an open window on a hot summer day or an unlocked door can be all it takes for trouble to occur. Fortunately, you can use a few expert tips to outsmart thieves and keep your family and belongings safe.

Keep big worn men’s boots by the door

Burglars are usually cowards who fear confrontation. They are looking for a vulnerable target to rob. Keeping big men’s boots next to the door shows that there is a big man at home, ready for a showdown. This gesture tells the thief, “Someone is home right now, and probably some big guy who can hurt you.”

How Can You Make Your Home More Safe?

Install a sensor for lights

Thieves most often break in after dark, when houses are empty because everyone is asleep and no one can see them. However, if you have lights that turn on when you move, thieves will have to give up, because turning on the lights will alert your neighbours and you that something is up. Also, thieves don’t like being seen, so they will give up very quickly.

Pretend there’s someone at home when you leave

Even though there may be no one at home, you pretend and always say goodbye to someone when you leave the house, because thieves may be watching you and waiting to attack you when you leave, but if you trick them into thinking there’s still someone in the house, then they will give up.

Windows and doors

Plastic windows are always a weak point. Even equipped with special locks, they do not provide protection. On the lower floor, for reliability, it is better to install a lattice.

All entrance doors must be solid. Locks for installation are reliable, but it is better to have several different types. For this, always look for a professional locksmith to make sure your house stays protected at all times. As the professionals at Top London Locksmith know, the job isn’t finished until reliable and high-quality locks are installed. For more information, view our website, and you’ll find a wide range of options and price ranges for everyone’s pocket. If there are two or more entrances (through the garage, for example), then good locks should be everywhere. Balcony doors are also dangerous, especially if they are glass and sliding.

How Can You Make Your Home More Safe?

Put a fake spare key under the rug

Many people keep a spare key around the house, usually under a rock or a rug. Make a fake spare key to fool a thief, should the robbery ever happen. Once the burglar takes the key, he will try in vain to open the door. This will add to the panic that he already feels. Furthermore, they may also suspect that they are under surveillance. Their fear will lead them to stop the mission because it has already gone on too long and someone may already have guessed and seen him.

Pay attention to the mailbox

There are two things to pay attention to with the mailbox. The first is to accept the free invitations you find in the mail because they are probably a lure to get the van out of the house. Another thing is that burglars sometimes look for a mailbox that is full of mail and advertising materials and that is not emptied regularly – which gives them a signal that someone has not been home for a long time. If you are going on a long trip, ask a neighbour to empty your letterbox, or at least the advertising leaflets.

Get a dog

Bringing a dog is one of the most effective ways to deter intruders. A barking dog can discourage potential attackers while alerting you to any strange behaviour on your property. Most burglars are looking for a hassle-free robbery. So once they find out there’s a dog, they might back off. It doesn’t matter if you have a big dog or a small one; they both make noise when they see an unfamiliar face.

How Can You Make Your Home More Safe?

Install automatic lighting inside the house

If you go somewhere for a couple of days, know that thieves are most likely to rob you. So buy timers, install them on your lights, and set them to turn on every day. Thieves will think that you are still at home and that you have not gone anywhere.

Video surveillance and security system

The most reliable way to protect your home from thieves is to use a security system with video surveillance. Modern electronics will enable video recording of everything that happens in and around the house, as well as signalling violations of the security system.

Special sensors are able to react to movement and to the movement of warm objects. Other devices signal if the window’s integrity is broken or the door is open. This signal is transmitted to the homeowner’s phone or to a special remote control of the security company. Most security systems often send a signal to the local police station and make sure they are on their way immediately. 

We hope you’ll find these tips more than useful in your effort to protect your home and make it safer than before. Don’t hesitate to always look for and ask for help, as you’ll spare yourself a lot of stress and possible incidents. 

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