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Missteps Of Customer Engagement You Should Avoid

June 2, 2020

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We all know that customers come first. We see it on practically every company’s website in the service industry. They proclaim customers are their top priority. With the internet being the first place customers go to find company’s it’s no surprise that this is the first place many companies have the chance to interact with customers. This is when customers learn about the business and if they indeed want to use their services or products. 

Customer engagement is the touchpoints between the company and the end-user. The main goal is almost always to close the sale and develop a loyal customer. After all, we are in the business to make money. But customer engagement is a unique practice when done online. It’s a virtual handshake and pat on the back.

While you might think you are doing a great job interacting with your customers, you might not be doing as well as you think or taking advantage of the tools around you. It would help if you always were trying to practice genuine engagement for the best overall results.

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Irrelevant, Valueless Content

So, you know that you need content to catch the attention of your customer. But is there such a thing as harmful content? Absolutely. Posting content on your social media business page that has zero to do with your business, or isn’t giving something constructive to your customers is just a waste of time and won’t be helping you to pull in the number. If your content isn’t adding value for your reader, toss it out, and start over. 

What Should You Do Instead?

Thoughtfully create dynamic content that expresses your company while enlisting the help of your viewers. For example, if you are a roofing company. Posting about the latest metal roof to hit the market and its benefits in a creative and fun way would be more relevant than posting something political. 

Still, Using Mass Emails?

If you’re still relying on emails as an engagement too, think again. These are dead methods of engagement and are not earning you any points. Most individuals don’t check their emails daily, and if they do, they skim pass most that isn’t from someone they know. When was the last time you opened a newsletter from a company, you only had a small interaction online, if any?

What Should You Do Instead?

Instead of using email, put your social media accounts to good use. These are excellent platforms for dispersing messages to your customers and are more widely shared. Create content that is enticing, that asks questions and gets readers involved. It’s all about creating an organic experience. It would help if you were creating a space that is interactive for your audience. 

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Robotic Responses To Customers’ Query

A quick browse at a Facebook ad shows precisely what a robotic response looks like. Instead of owners commenting to customers about essential factors about their products or services, the customer receives a generic response and link that they have to click to MAYBE get the answers to their query. This should be avoided at all costs. There is nothing more annoying for consumers that have relevant questions and can’t get them answered. 

What Should You Do?

There are a few routes you could use to give customers a more engaging response, and that is to turn to comment on for your post and answer them. However, this can be a time-consuming endeavour, but will undoubtedly earn you high marks for customer care and satisfaction. The other option is to hire a marketing professional to oversee your social media management and reputation.

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